Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Whether You Make a Living Wage or a Luxury One, Washington has the Rehab Center to Fit Your Needs

The state of Washington has a little bit of everything. Beautiful mountains, stunning countryside, and the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps that’s why nearly seven million people have decided to make this gorgeous state their home.

Drugs, though, are a growing problem that casts a shadow on daily living in this almost idyllic state. In 2009, there were 46,176 drug related visits to the emergency room in Seattle alone. Unfortunately, this is well above the national average and something the state of Washington is working to address.

The DEA also notes that the state of Washington is a transhipment state of sorts, with a transportation infrastructure of US 395, I-5, 90, and 82, which help transport drugs from Mexico to Canada.

That leaves a lot of people using and abusing drugs in Washington. Many of these people are struggling with addiction and dependency. If you, or someone you love, are among those desperately seeking a way out, there are many Washington substance abuse treatment programs available to offer the help you need. DrugRehab.org can leverage our resources and “inside knowledge” to help match you with the program that offers the best chance for success to help you overcome your addiction.

Drug Facts for Washington Residents

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health has discovered that Washington consistently ranks high in several areas concerning use of drugs and alcohol. In fact, Washington has ranked above the national average for as long as the survey has been conducted — in many areas surveyed, Washington has been among the highest in the nation.

Drug-induced deaths in Washington are also above the national average. In Washington, the rate of deaths directly related to drug use is 15.5 per 100,000 people. The nationwide average is 12.7 per 100,000 population. The year 2007 saw 1,003 deaths as the direct consequence of drug use in Washington, according to the Washington Drug Control Update. That’s more than in auto accidents or as the result of firearms for that same year.

Marijuana, followed by stimulants such as methamphetamine, is the most commonly cited drug among people entering into Washington drug rehab treatment programs.

Violent Crime in Washington

While most of the violent crimes in Washington are isolated to cities like Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, there is enough violent crime, at a rate of 346 incidents per 100,000 population, for Washington to rank 28th in the nation for its violent crime rate.

Washington, at 12.1 percent, is below the national average of 13.2 percent of drivers, aged 16 and over, driving under the influence of alcohol within the past year.

Unfortunately, it’s above the national average of 4.3 percent for drivers, aged 16 and over, driving under the influence of drugs. The rate in Washington is 4.9 percent.

Washington Drug Rehab Programs and Options

There were 439 rehab facilities in Washington in 2006. Each facility offers a somewhat different approach with the goal of reaching a similar destination — addiction free living.

One popular approach among Washington residents in larger cities such as Vancouver, Tacoma, Seattle, and Spokane is the executive drug and alcohol rehab programs. These programs are designed for busy execs who need to recovery while maintaining access to their demanding jobs. These programs provide you with the “tools of the trade” so that you may continue to conduct business while also enjoying access to medical attention, counseling, and treatment. On-site equipment include telephones, fax machines, office equipment, office furniture, filing cabinets, Internet access, and more.

Luxury treatment facilities for Washington drug rehab treatment is also a popular option in Washington. These facilities offer a more luxurious approach that feels more like a spa weekend or luxury retreat than the life-changing rehabilitation process they happen to be. These facilities focus on nutrition, detox, meditation, and have a more holistic approach to treatment and healing. They also provide a greater degree of anonymity than ordinary treatment programs, making them an attractive option for people who value privacy above all else.

In addition to these, there are 12-step rehab, local support groups, and wilderness drug rehabs.

Finding the Right Program For You

Whether you’re interested in luxury, adventure, or simply want fast access to treatment and healing, it’s in your best interest to have a little help sifting through the more than 400 Washington drug rehab programs that are available so that you can get busy working on recovery instead.

DrugRehab.org has an extensive list of the programs that are available and can help match you with the right choice according to your geographic location, type of addiction, length of addiction, and personality. Call us today, at the number above, and let our knowledgeable and empathetic counselors help you or your loved one start the healing process now.

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