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Proud Members of Their Culture, Arizona Rehabs Help Native Americans Get Back on Their Feet

Arizona is fairly unique among U.S. states when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction and rehabilitation. Its location, being a large swathe of land bordering Mexico, puts it front and center as a first line of distribution for all the drugs streaming into the country from south of the border.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only place the problem exists. Arizona is also home to 22 Native American tribes, communities, and nations. Alcoholism is ravaging Native American communities across the United States and the 22 communities in the state of Arizona are, unfortunately, no exceptions to the rule.

Then there are the usual suspects for drug and alcohol abuse in the urban cities such as Phoenix and suburban areas of Tucson, Scottsdale, and others across the state. From college students becoming addicted to recreational club drugs and study drugs to those who are battling addiction to methamphetamines, cocaine, or prescription drug addiction, Arizona has a wide group of people in serious need of help recovering from drug addiction.

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with addiction, no matter what community you belong to, there is help available. We, at, are committed to pointing you in the right direction to get fast access to Arizona drug rehab treatment centers that can meet your individual treatment needs.

Arizona’s Drug and Alcohol Plight

Despite significant efforts by the state of Arizona to educate young adults about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse, the number of twelfth graders, who are near ready to join the workforce or the college ranks, using marijuana, hallucinogens, ecstasy, heroin, opiates, cocaine, and prescription drugs across the state increased between 2006 and 2008.

The problem among Native American populations is particularly troubling. Alcohol accounts for 49.3 percent of all deaths among Native Americans in Arizona according to a document on Substance Abuse in Native American Communities presented at Phoenix HIS Area Health Summit. Alcohol-related deaths among Native Americans account for more than double the amount of deaths of firearms and drugs combined, according to this document. When you consider that a significant portion of all U.S. tribal lands are located in the southwest portion of Arizona, the problem takes on even greater significance.

Arizona’s War on Drugs

According to the Arizona Bureau of Justice Statistics, 17 percent of state prisoners and 18 percent of federal prisoners in Arizona for the year z2004 said they committed their current offenses in an effort to get money for drugs. In 2002, nearly 25 percent of convicted proper and drug offenders in local jails were attempting to get money for drugs.

Treatment and Rehab Options for Arizona Residents

People turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons. When it comes to Arizona substance abuse treatment programs, it helps to find programs that meet specific needs in the lives of those who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

That’s one reason equine therapy for addiction has been so popular — especially for addictions involving:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine

This particular substance abuse treatment involves caring for another creature as an integral part of the therapy process. Caring for animals helps people going through treatment grow on emotional, physical, mental, and even spiritual levels. Most importantly of all, it teaches them to replace all the negative emotions and feelings associated with drug use and abuse with positive activities and feelings involved in caring for the horses.

Considering that reservations and tribal communities make up roughly 25 percent of Arizona lands, coupled with such a high rate of alcohol abuse among Native Americans, it makes sense that Arizona drug rehab programs for Native Americans are among some of the best in the nation. These programs meet needs that are unique and specific to Native Americans who often battle depression, hopelessness, and extreme poverty. More importantly though, these programs usually long term, balance elements of hope, modern living, and ancient traditions that are so vital in Native American communities.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Treatment in Arizona for Your Needs

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