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Drug Abuse and Addiction in Virginia

There is plenty to love about calling Virginia home. So much, in fact, that nearly 8.2 million people have made the decision to do so. Among these people, 60 percent live in the coastal regions of Virginia, such as Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Newport News.

The many waterways in Virginia (including the Atlantic Ocean, James River, Potomac River, Rappahannock River, and York River) are prime pathways into the state for drug traffickers. The cities of Alexandria, Petersburg, Arlington and Richmond, along with eight counties, are included in the Washington\Baltimore HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). The Appalachia HIDTA also includes Scott, Lee, and Wise counties in Virginia.

With so many drugs pouring into Virginia, it’s completely understandable that addiction is a growing problem that must be addressed. If you, or someone you love, is struggling with addiction in Virginia, it’s important to get fast access to care.

There are 196 Virginia substance abuse programs at last count to choose from. With so many options you need a little help to find the right program to meet your needs. That’s why you need and our knowledge of the various Virginia programs. We can help match you with the program that gives you the greatest likelihood of success.

Virginia Drug Abuse Statistics

Marijuana is the most commonly cited drug for which people seek treatment when checking into Virginia drug rehab programs. It is followed by cocaine, while alcohol is the substance for which most people seek treatment.

Drug-induced deaths in Virginia are below the national average. Despite this fact, there were 713 deaths in Virginia, in 2007, that were the direct consequence of drug use.

Drug and Alcohol Related Crimes in Virginia

The number of DEA incidents involving methamphetamine lab seizures in the state of Virginia jumped from 211 in 2008 to 221 in 2012.

Virginia matched the national average of 13.2 percent of drivers aged 16 and over driving drunk within the past year as well as the 4.3 percent national average of drivers aged 16 and over driving under the influence of drugs within the past year.

While there is an increase in the amount of drug trafficking on waterways and roadways throughout Virginia, the numbers of drug abusers throughout the state fall in line with, or below, national averages for the most part. Even the crime rate is low for the amount of HIDTA attention the state receives with 282 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which places Virginia at 34th in the nation for violent crime.

Addiction Treatment in Virginia

The decision to enter into Virginia substance abuse treatment programs isn’t always an easy one to make. Then you’re faced with so many options that it doesn’t take long to get confused. For the most part, recovery and treatment options come down to two choices: residential or outpatient. Each one offers distinct strengths and weaknesses to consider.

Long-term treatment in residential programs provide the most intensive therapy options. You have direct access to care in these facilities at all hours of the day and night and staff on hand to help you through the worst moments of the recovery process. It’s also the most costly and physically limiting option available. This makes it an unattractive choice to those with little insurance coverage, families, or professional careers.

Outpatient treatment programs, on the other hand, offer a great deal of flexibility and can be quite intense. It is possible to work these treatment programs around busy work schedules and family commitments. The problem with these programs is that they don’t remove you from the temptations your everyday life represents and they do not provide fast access to help no matter what time of day it may be. However, getting some help in your efforts to recover from addiction is infinitely better, not to mention healthier, than attempting to go it alone.

Finding A Drug Rehab Facility in Virginia

The key is always to find the best drug rehab treatment in Virginia to meet your specific and individual needs. In many cases, that’s a tall task. can help. We find out what your needs are and use our access to the drug treatment and rehabilitation community throughout Virginia to find the facility that best complements your treatment needs on personal, spiritual, and physical levels. Call us today and let us help you make the right choice to help you overcome addiction.

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