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You Already Work Hard; Let Wisconsin Rehab Centers Work Even Harder for You

Wisconsin is home to just over 5.7 million people who generally work in one of three major industries: agriculture, manufacturing, or healthcare. By and large, Wisconsin is a family-oriented state with a blue collar work ethic. People who live in Wisconsin work hard, yet they also love to enjoy the great outdoors.

There is a long list of exciting ways to play in Wisconsin no matter what time of year it is. From snowboarding, ice fishing, and dog sledding in winter, to sailing, swimming, skiing, and fishing in the summer, to taking in the fall colors, and enjoying the reawakening of nature’s bounty in the spring, you’ll never run out of ways to enjoy this beautiful state.

It’s difficult to imagine the dark stain that addiction and drug trafficking through the state leaves behind in light of all the great wholesome ways to enjoy life in Wisconsin. That doesn’t change the fact that addiction is exacting a hefty price on people and families across the state. If addiction is robbing your life or your family of enjoying this great state, DrugRehab.org has the resources and tools to connect you with real help right now.

Facts Regarding Drugs in Wisconsin

Alcohol abuse is a major problem across all age groups in Wisconsin and is consistently ranked among the highest ten states in the nation for past month binge alcohol use and past month alcohol consumption. Wisconsin residents are also among the people with the lowest concept of harm associated with the pattern of consuming five or more drinks one or two times in a week.

Drugs were directly responsible for 639 Wisconsin deaths in 2007. This number, while slightly lower than the national average, is far too high — especially in light of the fact that there were only 488 deaths related to firearms in the state during that same year.

Crime, Drugs, and Alcohol in Wisconsin

Drug trafficking is a bigger problem than most people realize, especially in larger Wisconsin cities like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. Seven Wisconsin counties are part of the Milwaukee HIDTA (high intensity drug trafficking area) where additional equipment and resources have been set aside to assist local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies combat drug related crimes in these areas.

Instances of drivers (aged 16 and older) operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol in the past year in Wisconsin was 23.7 percent in the years from 2006 to 2009.

That’s nearly double the national average of 13.2 percent and the highest in the nation during that time frame. Operating vehicles under the influence of drugs was also above the national average in Wisconsin, though not at such an alarming rate.

Wisconsin Drug Rehab Treatment Options

There are many options available in the way of 290 (as of 2006) Wisconsin substance abuse treatment programs. Programs vary from one facility to the next. Some offer residential drug rehab care while others offer strictly outpatient services.

One option available to those who need extensive help right now is a hospital in-patient substance abuse treatment program. Programs such as this often incorporate specific programs such as 12-step programs, non 12-step programs, men only treatment, women only treatment, luxury rehab programs, executive programs, and even faith-based or holistic treatment options. The fact is that hospitals have changed the way they were doing things in favor of adopting more timely and effective approaches to treating addiction.

Sometimes, families sit and watch helplessly as someone they love and care deeply for does greater harm to themselves and the family that loves them. In these cases, addiction interventionmay be necessary in order to confront the family member and help that person realize the problem, the damage it’s causing all around, and the root or extent of the problems related to addiction. Interventions are not exclusively related to drug and alcohol addiction. They can be used successfully for people who have eating disorders, gambling addictions, video game addictions, and more. In order to be truly effective, interventions must be followed up with treatment for the addiction.

Getting the Best Drug Rehab Treatment in Wisconsin

It’s really not about finding the best Wisconsin drug rehab programs. It’s about finding the one program that will best meet your needs (or the needs of your loved one) on a geographic, time, commitment, treatment, and addiction basis. Not everyone can go through a residential drug treatment program, no matter how effective it may be. Some people only have the option of an intensive out-patient treatments so they can continue to provide and care for their families.

DrugRehab.org understands that you bring your own unique needs, situation, and baggage to the rehab table. We can help you find the best treatment program and facility to meet your needs and help you live a life that’s finally free of addiction. Give our counselors a call today at the toll-free number above and see for yourself how we can help address the addiction seriousness and offer recommendations.

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