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Drug Abuse and Addiction in Montana

Big Sky Country, otherwise known as Montana, is land to some of the most beautiful examples of Mother Nature’s finest creations on the planet. It’s also where just over one million people call home. From Missoula in the valley of the beautiful Bitter Root Mountains to the beautiful river city of Great Falls to the prairies where you’ll find Billings, there are a wide range of activities to enjoy year-round in Montana no matter what age you happen to be.

Montana is not the first state that comes to mind when discussing the growing trend of drug use and abuse throughout the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a very real problem right in the heart of this beautiful state. In fact, despite the low population, Montana ranks among the highest states in the country for past month illicit drug use, past month marijuana use, past year marijuana use, past month use of an illicit drug other than marijuana, past month alcohol use, and past month binge alcohol use for those between the ages of 12 and 17.

Montana residents struggling with addiction do have options available to them. Treatment options in this great state are growing as awareness of the problem grows. has a list of top Montana substance abuse treatment programs, and we’ll help you find the best programs for the type of addiction you have and the severity of your addiction.

Montana Drug Abuse Statistics

There are seven Indian Reservations in Montana where Native Americans account for 6.5 percent of the state’s total population. According to a recent press release from the office of Senator Max Baucus, “Native Americans and Alaska Natives are more likely to die from alcohol-related diseases or commit suicide than any other racial group.” Alcohol is a huge problem among Montana’s relatively large Native American population.

Throughout the rest of the state, the news is grim in other ways. Drug related deaths occurred in 15.1 per 100,000 people in Montana in 2009, which placed it well above the national average of 12.8 per 100,000.

People most commonly enter rehab to overcome addiction to marijuana in Montana though stimulants and other opiates are also common drugs for which people seek treatment.

Past-month illicit drug use among those over the age of 18 was just shy of 12 percent of the population in Montana, above the national average of 8.68.

Drug and Alcohol Related Crimes in Montana

On Montana’s seven reservations, substance use crimes account for 43.3 percent of all crimes. Among Native Americans in Montana, a staggering 69 percent of all traffic-related fatalities involved alcohol.

Throughout the state of Montana, driving under the influence of alcohol is a big problem with 18.9 percent of the population over the age of 16 having done so within the past year. The national average is 13.2 percent. People over the age of 16 driving under the influence of drugs is also well above the national average of 4.3 percent with Montana weighing in at a hefty six percent.

Addiction Treatment in Montana

Because Montana has such a large Native American population experiencing such a profound substance use problem, it’s important to consider the value of Native American drug treatment centers. Needs based treatments are growing in popularity because they are so effective. The Native American population deals with struggles few people on the outside can fully understand. In many instances depression, alcohol abuse, and overwhelming poverty are generational problems and hopelessness is pervasive. Native American specific drug treatment and rehab programs focus on giving participants back their honor, treating the whole person rather than simply the addiction, and doing so in a manner that truly empowers them to embrace the rich history of their collective past while also taking control of their own personal futures.

The vast open spaces, greatly varying landscapes, and beautiful big sky of Montana makes wilderness drug rehab centers a popular choice for Montana drug rehab treatment as well. These facilities use wilderness training and experiences as therapy. It’s done in an adventure-like setting where participants pit themselves against nature, learning self-sufficiency and developing an overwhelming sense of pride of self-respect in the process.

Finding A Drug Rehab Facility in Montana is a referral service that takes great pride in matching people seeking help for addiction with the best option for their needs. We have a list of the best Montana substance abuse treatment programs according to the specific treatment services, insurance acceptance, public funding, and several other criteria to make the process of finding treatment as painless as possible for you. See for yourself how much our counselors can help by contacting us today at our phone number above.

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