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No Matter What Drug or Alcohol Addiction You’re Facing, West Virginia Rehab Centers Are There to Help

West Virginia is a rare state that offers year round appeal for anyone who loves the great outdoors. From swimming, fishing, boating, and more in the warmer months to stunning spring colors and spectacular fall foliage, it’s hard to imagine asking for more if you are an outdoor lover. Perhaps that’s why almost two million people have made this lovely state their home.

West Virginia is a crossroad state in many ways. It connects different parts of the country through Interstates 64, 68, 77, and 79. Unfortunately, these roads are also commonly used to bring drugs through the state en route to other destinations. Inevitably, however, some product always manages to find its way onto the streets and into the communities, such as Charleston, Huntington,Parkersburg, and Morgantown throughout West Virginia.

If you are looking for an escape from addiction or love someone who is struggling to get life back on track while living with addiction, the time to get help is now. DrugRehab.org can help. Going it alone is not the answer when there are more than 80 excellent West Virginia drug rehab programs to help you succeed. West Virginia drug rehab treatment doesn’t have to be a mystery. We can help you sort it all out and find the right match for your needs.

West Virginia Drug Outlook

The truth is that drugs are taking a toll on the small state of West Virginia. Friends, family members, and people in the community are affected by drugs each and every day. West Virginia is one of the highest ranked states in the nation when it comes to past year cocaine use and the past year, non-medical, use of pain relievers.

Drug-induced deaths in West Virginia are also alarmingly high with 405 of them taking place in 2007. This makes West Virginia well above the national average of 12.7 drug-induced deaths per 100,000 people at 22.4 deaths directly resulting from drug use per 100,000 people.

Opiates are, by far, the most commonly stated drugs for which people check into West Virginia substance abuse treatment programs to treat. Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin treatment admissions are also fairly high.

Crime, Drugs, and Alcohol in West Virginia

West Virginia has eleven counties involved in the Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). This is an area that has been identified as a known drug trafficking corridor by the federal government, who has set aside funds to help combat the growing problem the presence of drugs presents for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Fortunately, the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol within the past year in West Virginia is well below the national average of 13.2 at 9.0 percent of the state’s population. Driving under the influence of drugs, on the other hand, is more along the lines of the national average with 4.1 percent of West Virginia drivers doing so, while 4.3 percent of drivers nationwide have done so within the past year.

Overcoming Addiction in West Virginia

Whether you’re looking for ways to overcome addiction to opiates in West Virginia or some other substance is holding you back from the life you want, there are options available for treatment that have outstanding track records of success. You just have to reach out, grab the right opportunity, and run with it.

Many people consider self-help rehab programs to help them get through rehab. It’s a great choice for the days after the actual rehab has taken place or for the times when you want to remain on the straight and narrow. Self-help options include guided meditation sessions, attending lectures related to addiction and recovery, in-house meetings, and more. The key is to use this method in combination with other proven methods, such as 12-step rehab programs, as an added layer of prevention rather than relying on this method as a sole program for addiction recovery.

Since opiates are such a major problem in West Virginia, it’s also important to consider methadone maintenance treatments rather than trying to quit opiates cold turkey. When used in combination with other therapies that deal with the behavioral aspects of addiction.

Putting it all Together to Get the Help You Need

Getting help is vital if you’re suffering from addiction. No matter what drug you’re addicted to, you must match the program that best meets the needs of your addiction, lifestyle, personality, financial and insurance for rehab situation, and real-world responsibilities.

DrugRehab.org understands this need all too well and is here to help you identify the West Virginia drug rehab treatment centers that best meets those needs. Take action today and give us a call at the toll-free number above so you can begin your journey to sobriety now.

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