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Drug Abuse and Addiction in Colorado

Colorado has a lot to offer the people who call this state home. From beautiful mountain views throughout the state to rugged outdoor living in the countryside to big city living in towns, such as Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora. The state of Colorado is home to nearly 5.2 million people, many of them located in these larger cities.

Colorado’s rich history makes it a great place to visit and an even better place to live. There are so many things to see and do throughout the state — especially for the outdoor lover. There are rock canyons to explore, rivers to raft, mountains to climb, slopes to conquer, and sights to see.

Plenty of well-maintained highways and Interstates make traveling from one city to another a simple matter, including North-South Interstate 25 and East-West Interstates 70 and 76. Unfortunately, it’s these same Interstates and highways that make drug trafficking from one area of the state to another a simple matter as well. In some ways, Colorado has become a battleground with competition from local gangs, Asian gangs, and Mexican gangs vying for dominance in the local drug trade. The violence these wars create is almost as devastating as the drugs they keep bringing into the state.

While the pictures painted above seem to offer little hope of recovery, there is hope, even for those who are struggling with addiction to the drugs that keep coming in. is a referral service that was created to help people addicted to drugs and the people who love them get information about the finest drug rehab treatment in Colorado. We believe this helps you make better informed decisions about the care and treatment you or your loved one receives when it comes to recovery from addiction.

Colorado Drug Abuse Statistics

Prescription drugs, for the time being, are public enemy number one in the state of Colorado. In 2008, more people died from abusing prescription drugs, 562, than from accidents related to driving drunk, 173. More sobering, however, is the fact that between 2003 and 2008, 49 percent of all drug related deaths in Denver were related to prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t begin or end with prescription drugs. The Denver Post reported that 47.5 percent of Coloradans between the ages of 18 and 25 had reported binge drinking within the previous month and 38 percent, according to 7News (as reported in the Huffington Post), had used marijuana within the past year (that’s nine percent higher than the national average).

Drug and Alcohol Related Crimes in Colorado

The DEA continues to view methamphetamines as a primary threat for the state of Colorado, particularly when it comes to violence. People who are under the influence of methamphetamines can be highly unpredictable, paranoid, frightened, and confused. It’s often extremely difficult to gauge how they will react, though many react violently when confronted by law enforcement and others, which highlights the need of methamphetamine addiction treatment in Colorado.

Other crimes are committed in an attempt to collect money for the purchase of drugs, while under the influence of drugs. Then there are the warring factions of gangs bringing drugs into the cities themselves.

Addiction Treatment in Colorado

There are many options to help people overcome addictions to methamphetamines in Colorado, as well as other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. Programs that focus on healing the whole person, called holistic drug rehab and alcohol treatment, are often effective for treating methamphetamine addiction, which ravishes the body as effectively as cancer in many cases.

Residential drug rehab centers in Colorado are almost a must for anyone struggling to overcome addiction to methamphetamines. These centers offer the least access for patients to return to the drugs before completion of the program, and they provide a wider range of treatment options for broader healing (mind, body, and spirit) than out-patient or short-term residential facilities.

It’s not surprising that wilderness drug rehab centers are also popular in Colorado. After all, there’s a lot of wilderness to explore in Colorado, and replacing painful experiences with drugs with more positive ventures into nature is a great way to replace an addiction with a positive force in the lives of all participants. The primary goal of this type of rehab program is to replace vice with vision of a larger world and the importance of each participant to the world. This program teaches self-reliance, confidence, patience, and independence to all participate.

Finding A Drug Rehab Facility in Colorado

It’s Time to Put the Pain of Addiction in the Past That’s what we believe at We’re here to help you do just that by referring you to Colorado drug rehab treatment centers that best match the individual addiction and recovery needs of you or the loved one who needs our help.

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