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Even Peaceful Maine is Fully Equipped with Top of the Line Rehab Centers to Meet Your Needs

With a population of just over 1.3 million people, the beautiful state of Maine has a lot to offer those who love the great outdoors in almost any season of the year. In fact, with 3,500 miles of coastline, 6,000 lakes and ponds, and 17 million acres of forestland, some people would call Maine idyllic. It hardly seems the sort of place in which many a Stephen King plots are born.

The truth is that there are dark things beneath the surface of what others see of Maine. Those long miles of coastline are perfect ports of entry for drugs to enter the state. Opiates, including prescription drugs, account for the most commonly cited drugs for drug treatment admissions in Maine. Easy access to drugs streaming across the Canadian border may represent part of the problem with prescription drugs coming in.

People seeking Maine drug rehab treatment don’t have far to look, particularly when using We are a referral service, ready to lend a helping hand in identifying the best drug rehab treatment in Maine according to your level of addiction and the drug to which you are dependent.

The Short Story on Drugs and Alcohol in Maine

In Maine, drugs were the cause of 182 deaths in 2009, according to the Drug Control Update for Maine. That is more than either auto accidents or firearms, and it’s at a rate of 13.8 per 100,000, which makes it above the national average for drug-related deaths.

Maine is also ranked among the top ten states with the highest rates of illicit drug and marijuana use in the past month, past year marijuana use, past year illicit drug abuse and drug dependence, and needing and not receiving treatment for drug use as shown in the NSDUHs report for 2005-2006.

Crime and Drugs in Maine

The Maine Department of Public Safety’s 2011 report on drug and liquor violations reveals that 15 percent of all juvenile arrests and 22.6 percent of all adult arrests for drugs were for the sale or manufacturing of drugs. The report also goes on to mention that 65.5 percent of all adults arrested for liquor violations were arrested for driving under the influence compared to only five percent of juveniles.

There’s some good news on Maine’s horizon though, as the state is ranked 50th in the nation for violent crimes, with only 116 per 100,000 population.

Maine Treatment Options to Overcome Addiction

People seeking to overcome addiction to prescription drugs or dependency to marijuana in Maine have a few excellent options available to them. One of which is holistic alcohol or drug rehab. Holistic treatments are different from the traditional 12-step programs. They represent a spiritual approach to rehab without introducing dogma that may contradict or compromise participants’ own beliefs or faith. These programs offer a wide range of activities to assist in the rehab process such as yoga, spa treatments, dietary changes, acupuncture, meditation, and spiritual counseling.

Intensive outpatient drug treatment programs are also popular among young professionals and parents in this New England state who can’t afford a great deal of time away from work or their familial responsibilities. It’s important to note that these treatment programs offer a great deal more success than attempting to go through the process alone. They also work hard to build a sense of community through recreational activities and group therapy in addition to the one-on-one counseling and psychotherapy they offer. Many outpatient programs also offer a traditional 12-step program or structure for participants to follow.

Of course, you cannot mention Maine without wilderness, and wilderness drug rehab is another option that available to those that prefer a non-hospital like setting, which enables them to get back to nature and participate in physical activities outside while simultaneously getting treatment for their addiction.

Getting You the Right Help to Overcome Addiction is Our Mission

At, we have one prime directive. We want to help you overcome your addiction and move on to a happy, healthy life. We believe you can reach that goal and are here to assist in any way possible. From locating excellent options for your outpatient rehab treatment in Maine to assisting you with the financial aspects of getting help, we believe that no one should be denied help overcoming addiction simply because insurance forms are too complicated.

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