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Vermont is home to a little over 626,000 people. Many of these people live in larger Vermont cities such as Burlington, Montpelier, and Brattleboro. For the most part, though, Vermont is filled with small communities and towns where people work hard and play even harder. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Vermont consistently ranks among the highest 10 states in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health for past month use of illicit drugs and marijuana and for past year marijuana use in all age ranges surveyed. The numbers on past month alcohol and binge alcohol use are also grim in several age categories, as is past year cocaine use.

With numbers like this, it makes perfect sense there were 40 Vermont drug rehab programs in operation as of 2006. The key isn’t in picking just any Vermont drug rehab treatment center for you; it’s finding the best drug rehab treatment in Vermont for your particular addiction and treatment needs. helps you sift through the options to find the facility that best meets your treatment and recovery needs.

Vermont Drug Abuse Statistics

Nearly 12 percent of Vermont residents admit to using illicit drugs within the past month. This is higher than the national average of eight percent. Opiates, which includes many prescription drugs, are the most commonly stated reason for people entering Vermont drug abuse treatment programs.

Despite the higher number of drug users, per capita, Vermont is below the national average of 12.7 drug-induced deaths per 100,000 population with 10.9. In 2007, 68 people in Vermont died as a direct consequence of abusing drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Related Crimes in Vermont

The Vermont county of Chittenden is part of the New England HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). Other task forces operating in Vermont include the Northern Vermont HIDTA Task Force, the Fugitive Task Force, New England Domestic Highway Enforcement, and the Financial Investigative Task Force. These are all organizations operating on funds specifically set aside to combat the growing problem of drug trafficking throughout the United States.

The number of people in Vermont (15.4 percent) driving under the influence of alcohol, aged 16 and above, is above the national average of 13.2 percent. The same holds true for those driving under the influence of drugs, with 6.6 percent of Vermont residents having done so within the past year, while nationally only 4.3 percent have.

Addiction Treatment in Vermont

As of August 2013, Vermont is one of only 13 states that have legalized gay marriage. With that in mind, many gay couples have chosen to make this state their home, which means there is a greater need in Vermont, than states where gay marriage isn’t allowed for gay and lesbian drug rehabilitation centers that address the needs of gay people specifically.

Everyone going through Vermont substance abuse treatment programs needs to do so with confidence that they can discuss what’s really going on in their heads without fear of repercussions. Treatment programs designed specifically for the gay and lesbian community give them the security they need to let their guards down and fully participate in their rehab.

Local support groups are also important throughout Vermont. These groups provide mentors and a sense of community for people who don’t live in or near larger cities that have fully staffed treatment centers and facilities. Smaller support groups, such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) provide fast access to support where you live and that matters a lot when temptation strikes.

Finding A Drug Rehab Facility in Vermont

It’s not always easy to look at a brochure or website and pinpoint the perfect rehab facility to meet your treatment needs. Vermont treatment programs come in a wide variety of options and price points.

It’s important to get the kind of help we offer at to identify what your treatment needs are and which facility can best meet those needs, in addition to getting insight into paying for drug rehab and insurance coverage for treatment. Give us a call today, at the number above, and let us help you get fast access to the treatment you need.

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