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Alabama, The Heart of Dixie, a Crossroads for Drug Abuse

Alabama, with its current population of roughly 4.8 million residents, has its share of positives and negatives. It’s blessed by its subtropical climate, four of the world’s largest stadiums and down home cities as Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile.

Yet, being bordered on the south by the Gulf of Mexico, this coastline state has become a primary entry point for illegal substances making their way into the U.S., causing an ever increasing drug trafficking problem and rising number of drug addiction cases.

The good news is that the “Heart of Dixie” state of Alabama ranks below the 8 percent national average in reported illicit drug use in the previous month. The bad news is, at 7 percent, a drug problem clearly exists in the state.

If you, or a loved one, have been affected by alcohol or drug abuse in Alabama our counselors at can point you in the right direction to the best drug rehab facilities in Alabama to uniquely and effectively address the addiction.

Alabama Drug Facts and Statistics

Alabama’s drug threat is in its highly-abused and widespread availability of illegal drugs being trafficked from outside the state, increasing germination of homegrown marijuana, proliferation of non-medical use of prescription drugs, and still largely-hidden local manufacture of methamphetamine through meth labs.

  • Alabama Drug-Induced Deaths – The most troublesome statistic of Alabama drug facts is that 554 people died as a direct result of drug use in 2007.
  • Alabama and Marijuana – Marijuana is the most commonly report drug reported among admissions to drug rehab treatment centers in Alabama. While a major volume of marijuana enters Alabama from Mexico, the state isn’t without its own homegrown variety.
  • Alabama and Meth Lab Seizures – Another shocking statistic relates to meth lab seizure incidents. The number of meth lab seizure incidents increased by nearly 200 percent from 2007 to 2009. With the nationwide average of Meth lab seizures rising 76 percent between 2007 and 2009, clearly Alabama has exceeded this overall trend by leaps and bounds. That said, methamphetamine treatment in Alabama has helped thousands of people overcome addiction to meth.
  • Alabama and Prescription Drug Addiction – The state of Alabama has a particular problem with prescription drug abuse, namely opiates (Vicodin, OxyCodone, and the like) painkillers, and other commonly abused prescription drugs. “Doctor Shopping” — where a “non-medical” recreational user visits different physicians and obtains multiple prescriptions for the same or similar controlled drug — fuels some prescription drug addiction cases. Finding help for prescription drug addiction is not easy. Our counselors can help locate the best Alabama drug rehabilitation centers that specialize in painkiller addiction.

Alabama Crime Statistics

The increasing crime rate in Alabama is putting pressure on both lawmakers and law enforcers to crack down on the source of crime. It’s believed that curbing the occurrences of drug trafficking, doctor shopping, alcoholism and drug addiction, will help decrease the crime rate in Alabama.
Here are just two areas where there is a tie in between substance abuse in Alabama and crime in Alabama.

  • Alabama Violent Crimes – The prevalence of substance abuse in Alabama has left its mark on the crime level in the state. Alabama is ranked 23rd in terms of violent crimes in the nation, up from a previous ranking of 21.
  • Alabama Drunk Driving Crimes – In the past year, there were 259 driving under the influence (DUI) fatalities and nearly 1,500 in the past five years. Just in the most recent year, 32 percent of all traffic-related fatalities in Alabama were attributed to DUIs.

Drug Rehab Treatment in Alabama

While sealing the borders of Alabama to prevent drug trafficking and making “doctor shopping” a crime are two ways to address the drug addiction problem in the state, we cannot forget to provide love and care for those who have become addicted to drug abuse.

In Alabama, there are some of the best drug rehab treatment centers in the world. Ranging from inpatient facilities to outpatient rehab centers to private and exclusive facilities to affordable, yet extensive programs, there’s an Alabama drug rehab treatment center that can offer support, guidance, and, most of all, hope.

For example, Faith-based programs are another alternative in the bible state to not only address physical, mental and emotional needs, but spiritual needs as well. 12-Step drug rehab programs in Alabama, which are based upon six main principles, are one of the most common types of therapy programs involving practical guidelines for the recovery phase of drug and alcohol addiction. On the other hand, non-12 step drug rehab programs uses educational materials and tools for recovery that enables the addicted user to rebuild their self-esteem, along with their confidence.

The important point is that there are many different types of treatment programs and philosophies available in Alabama, and we can help find the right one for you or your loved one.

Let Us Help You Find an Alabama Drug Rehab Treatment Program That Works

The referral service is a resource to help individuals and families find information about the best drug rehab facilities in Alabama and programs available. Our goal is to see that you or your loved one overcomes an addiction and returns home to live a substance-free life.

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