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Surrounded by Faith and Religion, Idaho Rehab Centers use Belief to Help Those Struggling with Addiction


With beautiful snow-capped mountains and countless rivers, lakes, and streams, Idaho is a delight to live in all seasons of the year. Nearly 1.6 million people reside in this mountainous state. Many others visit Idaho throughout the year to take advantage of the stunning views, the fishing, skiing, white water rafting, biking, and hiking that this amazing state has to offer. For those who live here, there are plenty of fun activities to keep busy, such as visits to the hot springs, ghost town exploration, golf, and horseback riding. Larger cities and popular destinations include Boise, Idaho Falls, and Meridian.

Most people do not think of Idaho as a hotbed of drug and alcohol addiction. Faith and family are very important to the people who live here. Still, drugs are a growing problem throughout the state. Since 2005, admissions for adults seeking treatment to overcome addiction to alcohol in Idaho have increased 41 percent. During this same time frame, treatment admissions have increased by 28 percent for those seeking treatment for marijuana and 24 percent for those seeking treatment for methamphetamines. Another growing drug problem throughout Idaho is Cocaine addiction.

We believe that people seeking help to overcome addiction need all the help they can get. That’s why has counselors waiting to refer you to resources for Idaho drug rehab treatment right away. Whether you’re seeking residential rehab programs or an outpatient drug rehab treatment option, we can help.

A Clearer Picture of Drugs in Idaho

Alcohol, as stated above, is a major presence in the Idaho landscape and one addiction for which people are actively seeking help in great numbers. Considering that 8.5 of every 100,000 deaths in Idaho are the direct result of alcohol consumption, it’s obvious that help is needed. Unfortunately, alcohol isn’t the only problem plaguing Idaho, as 7.4 of every 100,000 deaths in the state are drug-induced.

There is some good news, however. Idaho consistently ranks among the top ten states with the lowest rates of:

  • Past month illicit drug use for those between the ages of 18 and 25
  • Past year marijuana use in those over the age of 26
  • Past year cocaine use for those over the age of 12
  • Past month alcohol use for those between the ages of 18 and 25

This is the data according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health for 2005-2006.

Crime Briefs for Idaho

According to the Idaho State Police report: The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Crime in Idaho, “All drugs are not the same and some have greater likelihood to be related to violent crime than others.” For instance, methamphetamine users are much more likely to commit violent crimes than those who use heroin, which is why there is such a need for methamphetamine treatment in Idaho. Another point made by the document is that those people on probation for committing previous violent crimes are more likely to abuse substances and engage in further criminal activities. They also have a higher instance of additional mental health symptoms.

Idaho Drug Treatment Programs – Options to Consider

One thing is certain; one-treatment does not suit all addictions. People are different. Circumstances are different. That’s why it’s so important to explore various treatment options, including dual diagnosis treatment centers. These facilities treat not only drug or alcohol addiction, but also underlying conditions that may exacerbate addiction, such as anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and depression. Many times, these behavioral or mental health issues are at the heart and soul of the addiction. Treating the disorder helps in the recovery from addiction.

Faith-based rehab is another popular choice for Idaho residents. Faith and spirituality are important to many people throughout Idaho, which is home to one of the largest concentrations of Mormons outside of Utah in the U.S — among other religions. Rehab programs that help renew faith give participants something else to cling to rather than drugs or alcohol. These programs do not exist to exclude members of other faiths or beliefs, but rather to promote a spiritual aspect of recovery that many people struggling with addiction find helpful.

Get Help Today – We Can Point the Way

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