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Arkansas Rehab Centers Help Fight the Highway of Drugs in the Heartland of America


Arkansas is home to nearly 3 million people who get to enjoy some of the most beautiful terrain in the U.S. From the Ozark Mountains to countless streams, lakes, and waterfalls dotting the landscape to its many caves and caverns, there’s a reason we call Arkansas the Natural State.

Most people don’t think of Arkansas as a hotbed of drug and alcohol intrigue when they’re on the outside looking in. While it’s landlocked on every side, the Mississippi River provides a unique point of entry for drugs coming into the state on the eastern border.

However, Arkansas, via Interstate 30, links Texas to Little Rock, and Interstate 40 draws an east to west line across the entire state. These are popular corridors used to move drugs throughout the United States. This makes for easy access to certain drugs that would otherwise prove rare in Arkansas.

The healing waters and hot springs that Arkansas is famous for may not cure drug addiction, but Arkansas is home to many options for treatment that are highly effective for treating addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our compassionate counselors at are ready to help you find the best Arkansas drug rehab programs available to meet your needs for treatment and recovery — whether you’re seeking help for yourself or someone you love, we can help.

Sobering Facts about Addiction in Arkansas

“355 drug deaths were reported, including 191 accidental deaths, a homicide, 63 suicides and 100 deaths of undetermined intent,” according to an ad hoc report regarding drug related deaths in 2008, compiled by Dorene Harris of the Arkansas Health Department. According to this report, the statistics aren’t looking much better for 2011. The same article states that of 1,250 autopsies conducted by the state crime lab in Arkansas in 2011, drug intoxication was the primary cause of death in one of every nine and as a contributing factor in one of every four.

In addition, the rates of abuse of illicit drugs in Arkansas have, in the past, been higher than the national average, according to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association (SAMHSA).

Drugs and Crime in Arkansas

Arkansas has a particularly vicious problem with methamphetamines. From home-grown products manufactured in meth labs across the state to exotic meth imports pouring in from Mexico, methamphetamine abuse is a huge concern for law enforcement in Arkansas
One reason it’s so troubling, according to this Justice Department Report, is that, “Methamphetamine abusers are unpredictable and experience feelings of fright and confusion, particularly during the tweaking stage of abuse. They often are paranoid and delusional and frequently arm themselves against perceived threats. In addition, methamphetamine abusers will commit violent crimes to obtain the drug.”

Another Justice Department document indicates that some drugs are a larger concern throughout Arkansas than other drugs are. In addition to methamphetamine, the primary drugs of concern are the following:

  • Crack Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Club Drugs (Ecstasy, GHB, LSD, MDMA, and prescription drugs)

Heroin is also a concern, though distribution is primarily limited to larger cities such as West Memphis and Little Rock.

Treatment Options and Drug Rehab Programs in Arkansas

Despite the proliferation of drug use and abuse in Arkansas, there are a number of options available for people interested in breaking free of the bondage addiction represents.

One of the most effective means for treating methamphetamine addiction, a traditionally difficult addiction to treat, is biophysical drug rehab. This method subscribes to a school of thought that addiction is a learned behavior.

Further, practitioners believe it’s a behavior those experiencing a pattern of abuse can unlearn. They accomplish their mission by focusing on education regarding coping mechanisms and life skills and repairing the physical and emotional health of the person. It’s growing in popularity because it uses a natural regimen that includes healthy diet, light exercise, sauna therapy, and natural supplements rather than chemical detox methods used in other Arkansas drug rehab treatment facilities.

Sober houses, formerly referred to as halfway houses, are another option for people who have gone through residential rehabilitation programs in Arkansas but feel they are not quite strong enough or emotionally prepared to go back to their old lives. These provide a nice quiet place to continue the recovery process free of drugs and alcohol that may be prevalent in old neighborhoods or with friends and family.

Let Us Help You Get the Help You Need

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