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Don’t Let Its Southern Charm Trick You; South Carolina Rehab Centers are There to Help with the State’s Drug and Alcohol Problems

The state of South Carolina has scenic countryside and beautiful, long shorelines. From Atlantic Ocean beaches to the Blue Ridge Mountains and all points in between, South Carolina is a great place to visit and to raise a family. Cities like Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, and Columbia are popular for all the amenities they offer, but smaller towns that dot the landscape are also growing in popularity because of their idyllic hometown atmospheres, southern hospitality, and close proximity to Mother Nature’s big South Carolina show.

With a diverse population of nearly 5 million people that value faith, family, and hospitality, it’s difficult to imagine drugs and alcohol becoming a primary cause of concern in this state. Unfortunately, 2,876 miles of coast makes South Carolina a prime target for drugs coming in from the water. Combine that with Interstates 85, 95, and 20 and drug cartels have excellent opportunities to get drugs into the state and move them throughout the state and beyond.

Addiction has taken a toll on many families throughout South Carolina. If you’re in search of a South Carolina drug rehab treatment center for yourself or someone you love, can help. We have inside information on South Carolina’s 100+ rehab facilities. We can help you pinpoint the best drug rehab treatment to meet your individual needs.

The Scope of the Drug Problem in South Carolina

The fact is that drugs were directly responsible for 584 South Carolina deaths in 2007. This exceeds the national average for drug-induced deaths in the same year.

South Carolina drug rehab programs vary greatly from one facility to the next. Of the 104 South Carolina facilities in operation during 2006, 104 offered outpatient treatment of some type while 23 offered residential programs.

The overwhelming majority of people going through treatment for addiction in South Carolina cite alcohol as their primary addiction. Marijuana and cocaine admissions are also cause for concern.

South Carolina Crime and Drugs

Methamphetamines flowing throughout the state of South Carolina are an increasing cause for concern. Lab seizures across the state increase from 26 total incidents in 2007 to 86 two short years later in 2009.

Two counties in the Palmetto State, Richland County and Lexington County, are included in the Atlanta HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area).

South Carolina is first in the nation when it comes to incidents of violent crime, with 766 incidents for every 100,000 people.

Exploring South Carolina Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

There are many different types of treatment programs available at the more than 100 South Carolina drug rehab treatment centers. You might want to consider intensive outpatient drug treatment programs. These programs offer different types of services, but don’t carry the high cost of residence programs that include living expenses. They’re ideal for people who have children at home or professional jobs they need to attend while receiving treatment. Some of the additional services these programs offer include recreational activities, counseling (group and individual), 12-step therapy, and psychotherapy.

MRT, or Moral Recognition Therapy, focuses on helping individuals grow morally and socially so that they are better prepared and able to cope with the stress of daily living. The program seeks to reduce hedonism, confront past beliefs and misconception, assess relationships, develop greater tolerance for frustration, and enhance the concept of self in program participants. Most importantly of all, it seeks to reinforce positive behaviors and habits while developing a greater ability to use morals when reasoning.

South Carolina Drug Rehab Programs – Finding the Right Fit

It’s not always easy to identify the one perfect program to trust with your rehab and treatment needs. It would be easy if there was one program that could be identified as the best drug rehab treatment in South Carolina. Unfortunately, there are too many qualifiers and exceptions in the equation.

That’s where is most helpful. We cut through those qualifiers and exceptions to get to the heart of the matter, so that we can identify the very best program that’s most likely to succeed in your situation. Call the number above today and let us match you with the service most likely to meet your recovery needs.

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