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Omar Pinto

Omar Pinto lost his wife, his business and his sanity to the carnage of addiction. But a key part of his past – becoming a father – would inspire a sweeping transformation. “I kept a picture of my baby daughter in my wallet, and when I felt like using, I would pull it out and stare at her beautiful little face,” Pinto recalls. “I would call my sponsor, or other members in the fellowship.” A relapse in early recovery was the catalyst for ultimate change. Pinto had gone on a three-day cocaine and alcohol bender, and his wife – from whom he was separated – went searching for him, with their newborn in tow. She found Pinto high on drugs and walked away in disgust. “In that instance I was broken into tiny pieces,” Pinto says. “The pain was indescribable and I dropped to my knees and asked God once again to help me get clean for the sake of my daughter.” Thanks to his investment in fatherhood and Narcotics Anonymous, Pinto has achieved 14 years of recovery. Today he helps others get clean as host of the popular “SHAIR” Recovery Podcast.

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