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10 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, where more than 25 Native American languages are spoken, is a very diverse state. In continuing our search for the best rehabs in the nation, we found the best drug rehab centers in Oklahoma and have ranked them according to criteria like staff, food and nutrition, overall experience, and effectiveness. After ranking and filtering the list, here are the 10 best rehabs in Oklahoma.

1. Clay Crossing, Maud

Clay Crossing, Maud Rehab

Settled on over 400 acres of rural Oklahoma, Clay Crossing is a Christian rehab facility for men. The facility is unique in that their goal is to be able to provide all of their own food within a year or two; they have an aquaponic system for raising plants and fish together and are already producing their own eggs. They also have many ponds where residents can fish and trails where residents can walk or run.

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2. Gateway to Prevention & Recovery, Chandler

Gateway to Prevention and Recovery Chandler Rehab

Gateway to Prevention & Recovery, originally named the “DARE” program in Oklahoma, is a treatment center for those with mental health and substance abuse disorders. They offer outpatient counseling to more than 1,100 annually and also provide several different prevention services and trainings.

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3. Specialized Outpatient Services, Oklahoma City

Specialized Outpatient Services, Oklahoma City Rehab

Specialized Outpatient Services (SOS) is a treatment center that serves adults, teens, and families that struggle with substance abuse. They also provide DUI services, drug testing, and various forms of counseling. The substance abuse programs they offer include early intervention, assessments, extended outpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment.

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4. Victims’ Impact Panel of Oklahoma, Edmond

Victims’ Impact Panel of Oklahoma, Edmond Rehab

Not a traditional drug rehab, Victims’ Impact Panel of Oklahoma has a very unique approach when it comes to helping those who struggle with substance abuse. Their main goal is to end drunk driving and driving under the influence of any drug. Through live presentations, the audience is able to experience the impact of drunk or impaired driving through the eyes of a victim, a rescue professional, and an offender. The Oklahoma state statutes require that DUI offenders attend a victim impact panel and receive a certificate of completion.

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5. Alcohol Training & Education, Midwest City

Alcohol Training & Education, Midwest City Rehab

Alcohol Training & Education is a counseling center that seeks to help those struggling with different issues including dependency, anger management, and domestic violence. Clients can participate in group and individual counseling, receive recommendations for different programs, and work toward getting their drivers license back after completion of the programs.

6. Oklahoma Families First, Ardmore

Oklahoma Families First, Ardmore Rehab

Dedicated to helping foster healthy and happy families, Oklahoma Families First is an agency that provides behavioral health services to children, adults, and families in Oklahoma. They are certified by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services as an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Provider, and, as such, provide counseling and treatment to those struggling with substance abuse.

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7. Women and Children’s Center, Tulsa

Women and Children’s Center, Tulsa Rehab

Women and Children’s Center is part of Palmer rehab, a center dedicated to helping adolescents, women, and their children who may struggle with substance abuse or chemical dependency. This women’s residential facility is for women 18 and older and their children 12 and under. Their children are cared for in an in-house program. The women receive treatment for their chemical dependencies while learning parenting skills.

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8. Catalyst Behavioral Services, Oklahoma City

Catalyst Behavioral Services, Oklahoma City Rehab

Catalyst Behavioral Services is a nonprofit substance abuse clinic opened in 1973 and was originally staffed by volunteer counselors. Now, their staff of therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors are able to provide a range of treatment programs to substance abusers. They work closely with community corrections, have a 55-bed residential treatment center, a medical clinic, and outpatient therapy.

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9. Four Winds Ranch, Guthrie

Four Winds Ranch, Guthrie Rehab

Featured on the Dr. Phil show, Four Winds Ranch is a residential drug treatment center for girls ages 13-18. Girls normally stay for 90 days, during which time they participate in individual and group therapy, specialty groups, 12-step meetings, and equine therapy. Girls who have experienced sexual trauma and eating disorders are also able to receive help at Four Winds Ranch.

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10. MiraWorx, Oklahoma City

MiraWorx, Oklahoma City Rehab

MiraWorx is a specialty medical clinic that uses the MiraWorx Therapeutic Plan (MTP) in helping substance abusers in their recovery. This therapy combines clinically proven medical support with personalized support sessions. Clients may receive Suboxone to help in their addictions to opiates like Vicodin, morphine, methadone, Norco and Oxycontin. Clients may receive Vivitrol for help treating their alcohol dependence.

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