Choosing the Right Alcohol and Drug Rehab

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right drug rehab for yourself or your loved one. The goal is to find a drug rehab that will end drug and alcohol addiction for good and equip you with the life skills needed to succeed in life. A program that will help you to maintain a stable, happy, successful life without having to depend on meetings or substitute drugs. In other words, a program that will help you to totally break free from drug and alcohol addiction.

What You Should Know About Choosing The Right Rehab

What you should know is that many drug rehabs will give you the impression that addiction is something that you will never overcome. You may have heard that addiction is a disease and that relapse is part of recovery and so you need to attend meetings for the rest of your life. This insinuates that you can't really hold yourself accountable for your own actions so you need to depend on meetings and since relapse is part of recovery, then it's okay to relapse.

Whether addiction is a disease or not, which isn't the discussion here. And whether or not relapse does happen, which would make it part of one's recovery, it doesn't have to be that way. Relapse doesn't have to be expected. And one doesn't have to live in fear that they have this disease that could cause them to relapse any minute.

What to Expect from Program Results

So what does this have to do with choosing the right drug rehab? It has everything to do with choosing the right rehab. It's about true recovery. It's about getting your life back. Repairing broken relationships. Learning why you turned to drugs in the first place. Experiencing how to enjoy life without drugs. It's about discovering the real you and uncovering your true values and morals and unlocking your dreams and passions that were once dear to you. It's about rekindling that burning desire to live life the way that you always wanted to live it before drugs and alcohol became a part of your life. This is the ultimate outcome you want to attain from a drug rehab program.

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Rehab

So what are we looking for exactly to ensure that we are on the right path to selecting the best drug rehab? First, let's cut to the chase and say that drug and alcohol abuse can't be taken lightly. There is such a thing as a “social drinker”, but there are many devastating stories of “social drinkers” eventually spiraling out of control and losing everything or even their life or causing harm or death to others if they don't get the proper treatment in time.

With that being said, whether you're dealing with someone who drinks occasionally or uses some type of other drugs from time to time, just know that it's very rare that things will ever get better. In fact, chances are things will get a lot worse. Drug and alcohol abuse can start causing people to do things that they normally wouldn't do just to get their “fix”.

Why is this an important factor? Because you may assume that it's just a small problem and choose a short-term, less expensive program that doesn't really address the core issues of why a person started using drugs in the first place or prepare them with the life skills needed to live a drug-free life.

The bottom line is don't wait to get treatment and don't assume the drug or alcohol abuse is a small problem Get help right away.

Now here's what to look for in terms of ensuring you or your loved one gets the right drug rehab treatment. These not only evidence-based but commonsense factors, have revealed time and time again that individuals attain long-term sobriety coupled with a more happier and successful life when these program components are taken into account.

Long-term Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Although short-term drug rehabilitation programs work for some people, you may strongly consider long-term drug rehab. Drug use is a lifestyle and a habit. It needs to be replaced with a new lifestyle and new habits while experiencing a sober life.

Often there is a lot of damage in an addict's life. It can be the very reason why he or she uses mind-altering substances to numb pain. Long-term treatment allows the time needed to heal.

Holistic Approach To Drug & Alcohol Rehab

A holistic approach treats the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. This doesn't mean it's a religious setting. It's a setting that allows an individual to completely heal with nutrition, exercise, one on one counseling and other therapeutic activities that give an individual the opportunity to work on and get in touch with his or her real self.

Drug-free Treatment

You can find programs that recommend you take another substance to get off a substance. An example would be to put a heroin addict on methadone or suboxone. While this works for a small portion of people, it usually is only a temporary fix that eventually leads back to using. It's only replacing one drug for another. The addict is now dependent on another drug. If you have the choice to completely rid someone of their addiction/s, it gives them the best chance at full rehabilitation.

Life Skills

Life skills to live a life without drugs is the foundation that an individual will be able to stand on once he or she leaves the program. These life skills should be able to expose their transgressions so that they can be dealt with properly. They should also learn how to communicate better, repair broken relationships and learn how to problem-solve to deal with real-life situations. They should be able to gain a new sense of good morals and values to live by to help them on their new journey.

Secluded Rehab Location

A secluded area away from everyday distractions is essential when allowing an individual to heal and focus on their sobriety. Even if you have to travel to another state, it's okay. A new environment gets a person out of their comfort zone and can also be therapeutic.

A Program Guarantee

No program can guarantee to get you or your loved one off of drugs or alcohol for good, but you can find a program that will offer a guarantee in the event of a relapse. For example, there are rehab programs that will allow you to redo the full program at no additional cost if you relapse within 3 months after completing the program. This shows that the program believes and stands behind its methodology and isn't only in it for your money.

Aftercare Program

An aftercare program is the training wheels phase. They are there to support you and guide you to make sure you stay on track. Some programs allow you to stay and train to help save lives after completing the program. A program that offers this is definitely worth looking into as they have their best intentions to make sure that you are getting the result expected.

Choosing the Right Drug & Alcohol Rehab Recap

In the end, choosing the right rehab is the right rehab for you. Find one that ends addiction for good and doesn't make you a victim of drug addiction, but instead, insists that you can break free from addiction. Because you truly can live a life without having to use drugs. Good luck in your quest to choosing the right rehab!