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Kristy Juneman

“Being young in a party city you are drawn to a certain type of crowd. I thought that was the only way to make friends when I was still drinking.” Now sober, Kristy Juneman realizes there are so many other ways to have fun without drinking and she encourages other young people to seek friendships outside of the bar scene. Juneman recognized her behavior had become reckless and irresponsible. “I would show up at work hungover wearing the same clothes as the night before,” she recalls. While most would look for support on their journey to sobriety, Juneman knew she had to do it on her own. Now Juneman stays busy as a hairdresser and technical education director for her salon. She spends most of her free time with her dog, who she is admittedly obsessed with, and taking roads trip with her boyfriend on his motorcycle. “I try to find joy in the little things and live each day to the fullest.”

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