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Kristien Hatchett

What is on the schedule today? For Kristien Hatchett the answer is simple, making it a priority to feed her spirit through meetings, devotionals, meditation and prayer. The life of this busy wife and mother of 2 is vastly different now that she found her motto- “my mess is my message”. “At my worst I was arrested 3 times for DWI, was in an alcohol-fueled head-on collision, facing divorce and losing my family”. Hatchett knew she had to make a drastic change for both herself and her young family. After a failed rehab attempt in her early twenties, she turned to the 12-Step process. “I learned that I am worthy of love and happiness. I can do mighty things with my full focus. I still have so much to learn.” She channeled that focus into her education, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from in 2016. Today Hatchett has the honor of leading others through Celebrate Recovery, a program at her local church that uses a Biblical 12-Step recovery process to face addiction challenges. She is inspired by “seeing spiritual breakthroughs; families changing because of recovery. Everyday men and women doing this recovery thing, those are my true heroes.” Dedicated to a healthy lifestyle she became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Still married to her high school sweetheart you will find the adventurous, fun-loving Hatchett family staying active and eating well. Sunday night weekly meal prep is a family affair here!

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