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David Fava

Panic attacks – the result of childhood trauma – triggered Fava’s 15-year addiction to benzodiazepines. He was prescribed a parade of the tranquilizers – including Valium, Klonopin, Ativan and Xanax – to treat severe anxiety. But the long-term exposure made his problems worse, and left Fava near death. “I could barely talk without a stutter and was shaking with tremors. Most of my organs were shutting down,” Fava writes on his website. “I was having partial seizures. I was not in control of myself and needed intervention.” Breaking free of benzos was intensive work, and Fava’s withdrawal symptoms lingered for two years. But he recovered with an army of strategies – including professional addiction treatment, recovery meetings, a nutrient-rich diet, and daily yoga and meditation practices. Fava also began walking to relieve anxiety, starting with a half mile and working up to five miles daily. “Sometimes it may seem as though the withdrawal symptoms will go on forever,” he says. “My actual experience tells me that recovery is possible and that in time, the symptoms do subside and the brain does heal. I am proof! “

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