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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Mississippi

Mississippi residents considering drug or alcohol treatment will need to rely on their insurance providers to help get them through. Insurance is the best way to shoulder the financial responsibility of drug rehab, so you can focus on getting healthy again. Substance abuse treatment is one of the essential services defined by the Affordable Care Act. What this means for healthcare consumers is that all policies offer some type of coverage, although the exact benefit depends on many factors. Aetna is one of the insurance providers that touches most states. Find out more about what they offer people living in the southern region of the country.

Aetna Metal Levels

While investigating insurance policies, you will see different metal levels listed. Insurance companies like Aetna have incorporated metal levels into their models to clarify the various policies. The metal level program provides a snapshot view of what you can expect from that policy.

Bronze plans typically offer high deductibles with low monthly payments. This makes them ideal for someone with access to a tax-free health savings account. With a bronze level plan, you can expect to pay around 40 percent of your total healthcare costs each year, including time spent with drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Silver level plans lower the yearly deductible but increase the monthly payment. Silver plans also cover more of the healthcare expense. If you choose an Aetna silver plan, you will pay around 30 percent of your overall healthcare costs.

Gold plans lower the deductible even further but raise the premiums. With a gold plan, the insurance provider pays more towards your care, too, covering around 80 percent, leaving you to pay just 20 percent of your overall healthcare.

Some states have catastrophic plans available to certain people, too. To qualify for a catastrophic policy you have to be under the age of 30 and be ineligible for any other plan.

Aetna Bronze Plans

The benefits depend greatly on your location, but Aetna does offer a diverse portfolio of healthcare plans in this area at the bronze, silver, gold, and catastrophic levels. On average, the bronze plans come with a deductible of $6,800 for individual policies and $13,700 for families. In most cases, you must meet the deductible before the company pays for your care. The exception is certain types of office visits like primary care, preventive medicine and urgent care if you stay in-network.

Many of the bronze plans offer a copay for outpatient care, too. For example, the Aetna Bronze $40 Copay HMO policy allows you to pay $40 for each visit with the deductible waived. If you require inpatient care, Aetna pays the full amount after you meet the deductible. This plan will not cover out-of-network care, though.

If you purchase a “Deductible Only” plan from Aetna, your deductible goes down to $6,450 for an individual policy and $12,900 for families, but there is no copay. You must meet the deductible for both outpatient and inpatient treatment, but the insurance company pays in full once you do.

Aetna Silver and Gold Plans

In this area, Aetna offers copay-only silver and gold plans with lower deductibles and higher monthly payments. The silver level plan requires you to pay a deductible of $3,900 for an individual policy or $7,800 for family care. For substance abuse treatment, the deductible isn’t a factor is you stick to outpatient care. Your contribution is $10 per group or individual therapy. If you do need inpatient treatment, you make a $500 copayment per admission and then 30 percent after meet the deductible.

The gold level plan has a similar setup. The deductible is $1,400 for individuals and $2,800 for families. You still pay the $10 copayment of outpatient therapy, but just 20 percent for inpatient service after you meet the deductible.

Plans vary in this region, but if you are facing detox and treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, then consider what Aetna brings to the table. The right insurance covers you financially, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on getting healthy. For more help or information on insurance and treatment options, contact us today at DrugRehab.org.

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