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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Kansas

You want to go to a drug rehab program in Kansas but you’re just not sure how you will be able to pay for it. The Affordable Care Act’s marketplace makes it easier to afford treatment for substance use and mental health concerns through its insurance plans offered by various carriers.

If you would like Aetna coverage in your state, you can become covered within the marketplace through Aetna’s company, Coventry Health Care of Kansas. With this coverage, you’ll be able to take advantage of counseling, short-term care, long-term care, and other types of a treatment services.

Aetna Coverage in Kansas

Aetna offers many plan options and variations in Kansas through Coventry Health Care of Kansas. You have choices that go from bronze to gold on the metallic scale that are each associated with the healthcare marketplace. When you get a plan on the low end, which is a bronze plan, you can expect to have more affordable monthly payments while having a plan that requires you to pay more for your health care services. You generally pay more each month for silver and gold plans while paying a lower percentage for your health services.

Since you plan to go into treatment, think about whether a silver or gold plan would help you more than a bronze one since it will cover 70 to 80 percent of your services while a bronze plan covers 60 percent. In addition, bronze plans tend to have higher deductibles that you have to pay before your health care is covered. Each plan has a limited deductible that is higher for a family or if you choose out-of-network care.

How Aetna’s Plan Will Cover Your Substance Use Services

When you have a Coventry plan through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, your mental health and substance use recovery services will be covered. This is a regulation that each plan must follow within the marketplace.

Here are a few plans offered in your state, along with specifics of each plan:

Bronze Plans

At the bronze level, one choice in Kansas is the Bronze $20 Copay Preferred plan. This is a POS plan with a limited deductible of $5,750 for an individual. On this plan, you would pay $50 for each visit to an outpatient center or a $250 copayment for admission to an inpatient facility. If you visit a provider outside the plan’s network, you need to pay a 50 percent coinsurance instead.

A PPO bronze plan choice is the Bronze $20 Copay KCPPO plan. This plan comes with a limited individual deductible of $6,250. You have options on this plan. You can pay $50 a visit if you go to a PPO provider or a limited provider for outpatient care. For inpatient care, you pay a $250 admission copay for a PPO provider or a $500 copay for a limited provider. If you choose out-of-network providers instead, you pay a 50 percent coinsurance for inpatient and outpatient care.

Silver Plans

A silver POS plan is the Silver $10 Copay Preferred plan. Your limited individual deductible is $3,750 on this plan. After that, you pay $75 for a visit for outpatient care. If you enter a residential facility, your cost is a $500 copayment and a 30 percent coinsurance. This is for a limited network, whereas you pay a 50 percent coinsurance instead for either type of care outside the network.

One of the PPO choices is the Silver HSA Eligible KCPPO plan with an in-network individual deductible of $2,600. In the network you pay a 10 percent coinsurance for inpatient or outpatient care. Outside the network the coinsurance goes up to 40 percent. Coventry has a few cost-sharing variations on the Silver KCPPO plan as well.

Gold Plans

At the gold level, consider the Gold $5 Copay Preferred plan, which is a POS plan. It has a limited deductible for one person of $600. With limited providers you pay a $50 copayment for outpatient visits or a 25 percent coinsurance for inpatient services. Outside the network both types cost a 50 percent coinsurance.

Find a Plan

This page gives you a sample of the Aetna plans available in your state. Choose a plan that will best fit your needs for treatment services. If you need more information on getting the best insurance for your addiction rehabilitation treatment, contact us today at DrugRehab.org.

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