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Attalla Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Patients who have made the life changing decision to enter rehab should carefully consider consider the location and treatment centers they offer. Different treatment options often match best with certain needs and personalities. Those considering the small city of Attalla, Alabama will find a population of just under 6,500 that offers a welcoming culture. Those interested in the area should consider the following information about the area.

Rehab options in Attalla

There are two main rehab facilities in Attalla for those struggling with substance abuse issues. The first is the Cherokee/Etowah/DeKalb MH Center for Substance Abuse. The center serves both men and women and offers both intensive outpatient therapy and holistic residential therapy. The treatments include different types of therapy, homeopathic and alternative treatment options, and services for those seeking non 12 Step drug rehab options. This center serves patients struggling with prescription drugs, opiates, methamphetamine, marijuana, and most other drugs. They also have the resources to help those who need dual diagnosis drug rehab. This center also offers Christian based therapy for those looking for faith-based help.

The other main option in town is the Rapha Treatment Center. This center offers residential stays from 28 days through 120 days depending upon patient need. They also serve as an aftercare treatment facility and halfway house for those who have gone through rehab and need resources to help them continue their sobriety. This center also can help those struggling with prescriptions drugs, opiates, methamphetamine, and most other types of illicit substances.

Substance abuse in Attalla

Like the rest of the population of Alabama, the residents of Attalla sometimes struggle with substance abuse. For many people, these substance abuse problems will need to be treated along with various forms of mental illness as well, which speaks to the importance of having rehabs that can help with dual diagnosis treatments. Although the population of Attalla itself might not be too high, a number of people might also be interested in going to a small, welcoming town for their own treatment.

The decision to enter rehab can help patients turn their lives around. Carefully evaluating the different rehab options can help all patients and their loved ones find the treatment that will work best.