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Selma Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Treatment for a substance abuse problem does not have to disrupt your daily life or regular routine. The intensive outpatient treatment program offered by Cahaba Center for Substance Abuse Services can allow you to get the help you need without putting restrictions on you. You will still be able to go to school, work, and be with the family, but get the treatment you want and need.

Two Treatment Options Available at Cahaba Center

There are two separate outpatient programs offered at Cahaba Center. One is a program specifically for the general public, while the other is for pregnant women or women with young, dependent children.

A separate program for pregnant women and those with young children is needed because these individuals often have unique needs. The separation allows the counselors at Cahaba Center to address these unique needs and help these women. The treatment program provides them with individual counseling, group therapy, and educational resources.

The general treatment program is designed to help people overcome their substance abuse problems in a supportive environment. Licensed counselors will lead you through individual therapy sessions, where you will address some of the issues that may have caused your substance abuse problems.

Additional Support Found with Group Therapy and Educational Classes

In addition to individual counseling, you will attend group therapy and educational classes. Group therapy is designed to help you find support from other individuals who have gone through situations that are similar to your situation. People can learn from others and that is the goal of group therapy.

Educational services will help provide you with coping skills that will be extremely valuable to you while you live a sober lifestyle. The coping skills you learn during these classes will help you overcome temptations that may arise once you are sober.

Treat Co-Occuring Mental Health Issues at Cahaba Center

Occasionally substance abuse problems are combined with mental health issues. Cahaba Center has the clinical and medical staff needed to help you address any co-occurring mental health issue.

The staff can assess you and determine if treatment for a mental health condition is needed. If treatment is needed, Cahaba Center has the resources needed to help you learn how to successfully treat your mental illness.