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Madison Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for Madison, Alabama are provided by Bradford Health Services. This warm, welcoming rehabilitation center provides you with quick, easy access to outpatient treatment, intensive inpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization.

Bradford Health Services has the clinical and medical staff to treat anyone with a substance abuse problem. Care is separated into two separate programs – one for adults and one for adolescents. Both of these treatment options are provide the emotional, spiritual, and physical support needed to successfully overcome a substance abuse problem.

Receive Assessment of Your Rehabilitation Needs from Trained Staff

Before receiving treatment every individual will receive an assessment as to their needs. This personalized assessment allows you to get the personalized help you want and need. Assessments will determine if your situation would best be handled in an inpatient treatment program, outpatient treatment program, or partial hospitalization.

A Supportive Residential Treatment Program

Joining the inpatient program at Bradford Health Services allows you to enter a safe, protective environment. If there is a need to for detox, the residential treatment program will provide the medical support services needed to help with any behavioral or physical complications that arise when detoxing from drug or alcohol use.

There will be plenty of opportunities to receive emotional support from not only the clinical staff at Bradford Health Services, but family and friends or others receiving treatment. Counseling is a huge part of your treatment program. You will go to individual counseling, group sessions, and family/friend counseling.

The goal of residential/inpatient treatment programs is to successfully transition an individual to a partial hospitalization/outpatient program. As you move through treatment, the goal will be to try to transition you slowly back into the community through the partial hospitalization/outpatient program. You will still have access to essential clinical and medical staff/resources, but you will be learning how to transition back into the community after dealing with a drug/alcohol abuse problem.

A 24-Hour Confidential Help Line Run by Bradford Health Services

In addition to Bradford Health Services' residential treatment program, there is also a 24-hour confidential help line. This help line is provided by the rehabilitation center and is staffed by trained counselors. It is a great resource for those who may need additional support or guidance, especially if they are facing a relapse or need extra reassurance that help is available to those who are suffering from a drug or alcohol abuse problem.