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Boaz Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

For those looking to overcome drug addiction in or around Boaz, Alabama, or in north central Alabama in general, there’s the Bradford Health Services Boaz Regional Office, located at 703 Medical Center Parkway. The only drug rehabilitation facility in the city of Boaz, the treatment center specializes in intensive outpatient therapy for substance abuse along the likes of prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, opiates, meth, marijuana, bath salts, morphine and more. In addition to its intensive outpatient therapy, the Bradford Health Services Boaz Regional Office also offers continuing adult care and general family counseling and support. Additional specialized programs include adolescent rehabilitation and support, a confidential 24-hour help line, a military personnel program and an athlete’s program.

Boaz Bradford Health Services Regional Office

Boaz is nicknamed “the city of possibilities” and features a population slightly south of 10,000 residents. And while it’s 9,500 residents are just a drop in the bucket when Alabama’s 4.8 million person population is considered, the Boaz Bradford Health Services Regional Office does more than just serve Boaz – but the north central portion of the state and perhaps even parts of southern Tennessee.

The state of Alabama has always reported higher-than-average drug use, a trend that is largely credited to its close proximity to major international waterways and the smuggling that it permits. In fact, in 2007 alone, about 73,000 Alabama residents were cited as having a dependence on drugs. Furthermore, some 114,000 residents were said either be dependent on drugs or abusing drugs. And even more alarming, data shows that 92,000 residents needed treatment, but weren’t actively seeking it.

While there are many drug rehabilitation centers located throughout the state of Alabama, the Bradford Health Services Boaz Regional Office in Boaz is one that can sufficiently treat patients in the northern part of the state.