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Oxford Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Oxford, Alabama is a wonderful city to reside in, especially if there is a need to overcome an opiate substance abuse problem. Calhoun Treatment Center provides outpatient treatment that is specifically designed for individuals who are suffering from an opiate substance abuse problem.

Calhoun Treatment Center Helps Properly Detox People with Opiate Substance Abuse Problems

If you have been using opiate-based drugs for a prolong period of time, the body develops a dependency on them. This dependency can make it difficult to stop taking these types of drugs as the body starts to crave them. Proper detoxification can help you avoid drug cravings.

Calhoun Treatment Center will provide you with access to essential resources you need to successfully detox from opiate-based drugs. This outpatient treatment program uses a method known as opiate replacement. Opiate replacement uses methadone or suboxone to reduce drug cravings.

Methadone or suboxone should only be administered under the careful supervision of medical professionals. Calhoun Treatment Center offers you daily nurse consults and weekly physician consults. These consults will make sure that you are properly detoxifying from your opiate-based drug of choice.

Receive Clinical Treatment with Outpatient Treatment at Calhoun Treatment Center

Once the drug cravings are reduced, you will be able to concentrate on seeking treatment for your substance abuse problem. Calhoun Treatment Center provides you with access to all the resources you need to lead a sober life. Resources available at this treatment program include outpatient individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling.

Counseling services are not the only valuable resource provided at Calhoun Treatment Center. Calhoun Treatment Center works to give you the skills you need to succeed. This is done by providing you with medical consultations to diagnosis any potential co-existing mental illness, group education to help you learn coping skills that will keep you sober, and family education that help family/friends learn how to help you stay sober.

Many individuals choose Calhoun Treatment Center because it is an outpatient-based program. People will be able to continue going to work or school, and engage in other activities with this program. They are able to properly detox and receive support services without having to enter an intensive inpatient treatment program.