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Sheffield Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Proper treatment of an opiate-based substance abuse problem is essential to helping you stay sober. Sheffield offers individuals facing an opiated-based substance abuse problem an outpatient treatment program that can help them not only detox, but get the emotional support needed to find sobriety.

Shoals Treatment Center has the clinical and medical staff needed to help on your journey to sobriety. The program is set up as outpatient treatment. This allows you to seek treatment for your substance abuse problem without having to disrupt your day-to-day activities.

Several Treatment Options Available to Provide Customized Support for Opiate Substance Abuse Problems

There are several treatment options that are available at this rehabilitation center. The treatment option you will use will be based upon your intake assessment. Treatment options include visiting the clinic 7 days a week, visiting it 5 days a week, or self-monitoring where you visit the clinic periodically over the course of several days. Other treatment options include visiting the clinic once a week and visiting it every other week.

All individuals must undergo an assessment before they can enter treatment at Shoals Treatment Center.

Medical Staff Help You Safely Detox from Opiates

Shoals Treatment Center provides you with access to valuable resources. You will have medical staff that monitors your detox. They will make sure that you are properly detoxing from the opiate-based drug.

Detox at the Shoals Treatment Center is done by using liquid methadone. This controlled substance is extremely helpful in curving cravings for opiate-based drugs and minimizing side effects or symptoms of detox.

Individual Therapy with Licensed Counselors

Using a methadone-based detox allows you to clear your head and seek treatment with a fresh outlook. Shoals Treatment Center will provide you with access to the clinical resources you need to find sobriety. You will regularly be able to meet with a licensed, trained counselor for one-on-one therapy and counseling. These sessions will allow you to talk with someone about obstacles you faced and learn how to overcome them in the future.

In addition to individual counseling, you will also receive access to group therapy. Many individuals who have suffered from a substance abuse problem will find it helpful to talk with others who have gone through similar problems and issues. These group therapy sessions are led by a licensed counselor.