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Decatur Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Substance Abuse and Drug Treatment Center in Decatur

There is one facility located in Decatur that provides substance abuse treatment for patients who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama Quest Rec Center Substance Abuse Treatment facility is located at 4110 U.S. Highway 31 South, and provides substance abuse treatment services for its patients.

This facility is an outpatient center, allowing patients to balance their treatment program with their normal daily obligations, such as work and family life. Rather than focusing on traditional treatment options for its patients, this facility specializes in holistic care programs that provide patients with a natural alternative to most drug addiction treatment plans. Patients can choose from therapeutic recovery, biophysical rehabilitation, homeopathic and alternative treatment options as well as non-12 Step drug rehabilitation programs.

Programs at this facility are specifically geared toward female patients, and there are specialized programs available for women who are pregnant or postpartum. This is a faith-based facility that incorporates Catholic theology and Christian teachings into its everyday treatment plans. Patients can choose from treatment plans that focus on alcohol addiction or plans that focus on drug addiction. There are programs available for both illegal street drugs as well as prescription drugs.

There are several different types of payment that are accepted at this facility. Cash, check, money order, or credit cards are accepted here. In addition, patients may find that their private or public insurance provider may cover their treatment. This facility accepts Medicare and Medicaid. There also is financial assistance available based on income.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Decatur

Decatur is a large, metropolitan community in Alabama, with a population of about 55,000 residents. As is consistent throughout the entire state, there is a presence of drugs and alcohol in this city. Throughout the state of Alabama, prescription drug abuse is on the rise and marijuana remains a prevalent drug in this state. Many officials are concerned about the rise of methamphetamine. Patients who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in Alabama should note that the only way to truly recover is to seek treatment from qualified professionals.