Adventure Therapy Addiction Treatment Programs

Adventure Therapy Addiction Treatment Programs

Entering rehab for the first time is a major step for any victim of addiction. When most people think of rehab facilities they may think of group therapy sessions, one-on-one therapy, and a lot of activities within the facility that are meant to guide you down a successful path to recovery. Many people do well with this type of recovery, but it is not for everyone. Some people don’t find rehab and group therapy to be as promising as others. Some may prefer a different approach to recovery and that is okay. The problem often becomes knowing what to look for. Do not deny yourself the help you need because a mainstream rehab facility doesn’t sound appealing or useful to the type of person you are. More and more people are turning to adventure therapy as they take the steps to overcome addiction.

What Is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy addiction treatment programs are becoming increasingly popular. This is often a method that parents seek for their teens who have fallen victim to addiction in hopes to build their confidence and independence.

This method of therapy is meant to create experiences for addiction victims. Experiences are what build us into the people that we are. Real-life experiences make the process of addiction recovery more beneficial because it takes you out of a small room filled with other victims of addiction and puts you out into the world.
There are many names for adventure therapy, such as wilderness therapy, adventure-based therapy, experiential therapy, or outdoor therapy. This type of therapy, when aimed at those who suffer from addiction, is meant to do several things for participants. Adventure therapy takes you out of your comfort zone in a different way than regular rehab. In most cases, you are presented with several tasks and challenges to overcome in the wilderness.

This type of therapy is meant to help you reconnect with yourself by relying on yourself and your resources to overcome the challenges that are presented to you. It is also in place to help you find new hobbies and interests, build confidence, and learn about yourself outside of your addiction. Keep in mind, adventure therapy is Adventure Therapy Addiction Treatment Programs Experiencesnot just for those who are entering rehab for the first time, or just for teens; anyone can try adventure therapy and if you’ve had trouble with traditional facilities in the past, this could be a solution for you.

What Can I Expect During Adventure Therapy

The term “adventure” can be intimidating because it may sound a little extreme. But do not be deterred from this method because of its name. There are several different programs offered all over the country for those who are looking for a different way to conquer their addiction.

Adventure therapy may consist of many different types of outdoor adventures and it is important for you to take your time finding the program that best suits your interests. Depending on the adventure you choose, you can expect to face challenges that will put you out of your comfort zone in order to help you build self-confidence. Tasks you may be presented with may seem scary at first, but remember, you are surrounded by professionals who are trained to help you overcome these challenges. The true reward in overcoming challenges is the feeling that comes with conquering them. You learn to do things you may have thought you never could and you learn to do those things without relying on alcohol or drugs to do so.

Adventure Therapy Addiction Treatment Programs Expect Challenge

Some outdoor adventure programs offer bigger challenges like zip lining, ropes courses, or rock climbing, while other programs offer hiking and camping in the wilderness. The latter, while still beneficial, may be a less intimidating approach for someone looking for a different way to overcome addiction that isn’t quite as adventurous but still takes you out of your element.

How Are Addiction Recovery And Adventure Related?

Many people who have fallen victim to addiction throw a lot of other things in their life aside in order to focus on fueling their disorder. This means hobbies and interests might take a backseat to alcohol or drugs. Adventure therapy is meant to not only help you build confidence and learn to rely on a sober self, but it also aids in helping people to find new hobbies and interests on which to focus their attention on once they leave rehab.

Many people have found a new appreciation for taking nature walks or hikes or have continued rock climbing or zip lining after they took part in an adventure therapy program. The rush of adventure and the feeling of overcoming a challenge gives many people a natural high or a rush of positive emotions and adrenaline that the programs aim for.

Adventure Therapy Addiction Treatment Programs Hobbies And InterestsAdventure therapy addiction programs are not traditional, which makes people hesitant to try them. But these programs are meant to take traditional rehab to the next level. When is the last time you went on a walk and took in your surroundings? Nature can be a very powerful force for many reasons. Putting yourself outdoors and into the throes of nature forces you to challenge yourself. It forces you to do things you would not have done otherwise. These programs are meant to guide you through your adventures.

While at times you may be given the opportunity to go off on your own, you will never be alone if you do not want to be. You may find yourself being put into situations that can be frustrating, situations that may have previously sent you to take a drink of alcohol or ingest other substances to make your frustrations disappear. Because that is not an option during adventure therapy, you are instead able to face your emotions as you feel them and learn to overcome them in a natural and healthy way.

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