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Our son was exactly what we always thought he would be. He excelled at sports, was popular in school and had a lot of friends and was a kind and giving kid that anyone would love. When he started using alcohol in high school we thought this was totally normal. What we overlooked was the fact that he could become addicted to alcohol and it could be a problem that almost cost him his life.

After doing some research we found out from the Center for Disease Control that over 88% of high school students has used alcohol and that more than half used it in 30 days. We also discovered that alcohol was the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults. What really was shocking that half of all alcohol related deaths are for the teen to young adult age group.

We knew that we needed to get our son help and started looking at rehabilitation programs. Here is what we found:

• That the time someone is in a program is very dependent on how well they do after treatment.

• That what insurance covers for drug rehab is not always the best option for the person that needs help.

• That the type of rehab a person does is extremely important; with alcoholism and that there are no substitute drugs used as a part of treatment.

Knowing this information we decided to do research on a holistic non 12 step program for our son. This approach is usually at least 90 days long, does not use other drugs to treat addiction and has a much higher success rate than most other choices out there. We felt like a holistic drug rehab was probably going to be the best type of treatment program for our son.

In choosing the right treatment plan to handle our son’s addiction, we got the result we wanted. Several years after completing the program he is still alcohol free.

Often parents feel that teens drinking alcohol is completely normal and is a part of growing up. We accepted this as true for a while and watched our son destroy himself. The truth is that alcohol is one of the most addictive substances available and in the hands of a teen or young adult the results can be devastating. We feel so lucky we found a non 12 step rehab for our son.

If you have a son that is struggling with alcoholism get help now. A holistic non 12 step program cured our son of alcoholism and it can cure yours too.

Contact us If you have a son that is struggling with alcoholism and get help now.

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