Long Term Drug Rehab Centers Save Lives by Treating the Whole Person

Long Term Drug Rehab Centers Save Lives by Treating the Whole Person

Substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction don’t have one cause for every person, so no one cure-all exists for every case. Each addiction is different and requires determination and flexibility to complete recovery. Many people can recover from a substance abuse problem with just one stay in a short term treatment facility.

But in some exceptional cases, a stay in a long term drug rehab is required. Not every addiction is the same, and a lot depends on the individual in question and the particular drug or combination of factors involved. Though locating an extended treatment center does increase your chance for a successful recovery from addiction.

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is not easy, and many people suffer relapses, returning to old abusive behaviors. Several factors may indicate that a person needs long term drug treatment:

  • Abuse of more than one drug
  • Severe addiction or long-term addiction
  • More than one major relapse
  • Other mental health problems (dual diagnosis)

A dual diagnosis means a person is suffering from drug addiction and some other mental disorder, such as depression or bi-polar disorder. Long term drug treatment facilities are better equipped to treat these special cases.

Long Term Drug Treatment Centers Offer the Best Solution to Severe Addiction

Long term drug treatment centers offer more techniques, more time, and higher success rates for severe cases than short term rehabilitation or 12 step programs. Living in a hospital setting for however long it takes to recover allows a person to learn new behaviors needed to live a completely sober and more fulfilling life.

Long term drug rehab is more holistic because it addresses all aspects of an addict’s lifestyle and behaviors, not just the addiction behaviors. As with short term and inpatient rehab, long term drug treatment facilities apply many styles and methods including traditional 12 step programs, non 12 step programs, biophysical therapy, and alternative techniques.

At a long term drug treatment center, all methods are available with the goal of complete and lasting recovery in mind. The many benefits of long term drug rehabilitation are the reasons for its success:

  • Long term drug treatment facilities help many patients feel safe and comfortable. The long term residential environment has all the comforts of home without the impersonal feel of a hospital. Drug rehab programs that offer extended treatment are generally around 3-6 months but some can be 1 year.
  • Time is not a factor: Most short term drug rehab programs last an average of 30 days, which for many severely addicted patients isn’t long enough to fully master drug-free living. In contrast, a stay at a long term drug treatment center lasts as long as it takes, often three months or more.
  • Daily therapy and medical care make a big difference. Recovering from severe drug and alcohol addictions is a full-time job that may require a variety of therapies, including professional medical care. Many patients appreciate the personal attention long term drug rehabilitation centers routinely offer.
  • Close-knit support groups empower your recovery. In long term drug rehab, patients are surrounded with supportive people who understand what they are going through and want them to succeed.
  • Structured activities help change deadly habits. Changing addictive behavior means learning new life skills and values. Many people find the structured environment at long term drug treatment facilities to be empowering.
  • Transitional aftercare programs help keep your recovery on track. Many long term drug treatment centers maintain halfway houses and sober living environments to help patients make the transition to sober living. These transitional programs offer patients valuable support essential to avoid recurring relapses.
  • Cost need not be a factor in your recovery. Many free long term drug rehab programs are available if you know where to look. Our free hotline can connect you to free long term drug rehab facilities in your state.

All of these features combine to make long term drug rehab the most likely to succeed. In fact, many severely addicted patients could not recover without the focused and personalized rehabilitation found at long term drug treatment centers.

We Can Find the Right Long Term Drug Treatment Center for Your Specific Needs

Making the right decision is especially difficult if you’re struggling with drug abuse and addiction. Because your life and future is on the line, you need considerate, professional advice.

Today, you have more options available for long term drug rehab, but nothing will change unless you take action.

One call to our toll-free number will answer your questions. Is long term drug rehab right for you?

We will evaluate your unique situation and find a long term drug treatment center that will work for you.

You have no obligation except to save your life. Our professional counselors are caring and confidential. But unless you call now, the addiction will win.

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