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Depending on the specific addiction that you or a loved one have, seeking out a particular type of drug rehab may be very important for your full recovery. These days, it seems as if there is a rehabilitation center to fit every need. Whether it’s dual diagnosis for those suffering from both addiction and mental health issues or those who choose faith-based programs because their belief in a higher power is a source of strength to help them face their struggle, DrugRehab.org can help you find the right facility and get you back on your feet. One particularly helpful type of addiction center are evidence-based programs, which are gaining more and more support and popularity.

What Is Evidence-Based Rehab?

Evidence-based programs follow treatments that are scientifically studied and proven to help addicts recover from their drug addiction. These rehabs only use methods that have been shown over and over to improve life quality without the use of drugs, and they are extremely beneficial as they use the latest and most up-to-date treatments to stay medically relevant.

They pride their programs on only using the best evidence, research, and clinical expertise. At the same time, they involve the patient and their family in the decision so that everyone is comfortable with the treatment process. Such evidence-based treatments include medical detoxification, continuous patient monitoring, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and lifestyle and nutrition education. They believe goal-setting, problem-solving, and self-analysis are key components to overcoming addiction. Evidence-based treatment programs differ from 12-step programs, in which participants accept spiritual principles that guide their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Rather, evidence-based programs use intervention and treatment therapies that have been scientifically validated by addiction research studies. Their goal is to give you the most efficient and effective treatment that you can receive without the guesswork.

Things To Consider

Many doctors believe that those who have received some type of addition treatment over the years and relapsed have done so because the rehab they chose followed an out-of-date program that does not focus on evidence-based treatment, and thus there is no way to measure their progress or likelihood of relapse. Evidence-based programs have shown higher rates of success than traditional programs, and doctors are recommending them over 12-step programs. However, there are two main reasons that people choose not to go into an evidence-based program:

Because they are the most scientifically up-to-date, this can incur more time for research and cost for top of the line equipment, meaning a more expensive treatment overall for you. Luckily, many insurance plans cover these addiction treatment centers, so don’t write it off due to the high price tag.

If you are religious or prefer more traditional methods, then evidence-based rehab may not be the right choice for you. Because they pride themselves on medical and scientific treatments, they do not offer spiritual support or the belief that God will help you through. Consider your opinions carefully and decide which path is better for you.

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