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United Healthcare Drug Rehab

United Healthcare Drug RehabWell-known for its nationwide coverage, United Healthcare is among the foremost providers that cover a vast amount of substance abuse and chemical dependency treatments and services.

As with many other healthcare insurance providers that fall under, United Healthcare also covers conditions, like mental disorders and related health services, that accompany drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Several plans exist that offer a wide range of options for treatments associated with substance use disorders (SUDS) and mental illness, as well as several rehabilitation types available in all 50 states. Networks in your area may be explored using’s directory of state insurance programs, or by visiting

With United Healthcare as your insurance provider, you or your loved one has an opportunity to get help for an addiction or substance abuse. Most insurance covers drug detoxification at the start of treatment in a variety of settings including drug rehabs or hospitals. The detoxification process eases withdrawal symptoms as you get ready to treat your addiction or coexisting mental health issue.

Beyond detoxification, United Healthcare offers treatment by way of outpatient rehab, inpatient or residential rehab, and psychiatric care. As you are entering a program, medical professionals and therapists will assess your need for treatment of co-occurring physical or mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Therapy coverage is also available under many United Healthcare plans, allowing you to tailor coverage to meet your treatment needs.

Within many rehabilitation settings, medically-assisted chemical aversion—medications that assist a recovering patient in staying sober—is used when necessary. You may enroll in a program best suited to meet your needs for aftercare medications. While co-pays may be required for certain plans, generic medications are usually acquired at a lower copay rate, as well as some preferred drugs.

If you work in a setting with a fair amount of employees and you have a group plan through work, chances are you have substance abuse treatment coverage included in your existing plan. For those who do not receive insurance through work or work in a smaller company, individual plans also cover substance abuse treatment. Most individual plans also include mental and behavioral health coverage options.

For more information on seeking the best United Healthcare plan for you or a loved one, contact us at DrugRehab.orgFor more information on seeking the best United Healthcare plan for you or a loved one, contact us at We’ll make the transition into treatment easier and more affordable by helping you navigate the beneficial insurance options and care plans that meet your individual needs. Contact us today!