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Zephyrhills Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In the state of Florida, about 8.63 percent of residents abuse drugs or alcohol, reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Since there is a risk that any individual can get involved in substance abuse, it is important to recognize treatment options that are available in a local area. In Zephyrhills, there is one treatment facility that offers solutions to help with the recovery process.

The Treatment Facility

The treatment facility in Zephyrhills is Alpha Counseling Services. It is an out-patient program that offers solutions to help residents recover and it is ideal for individuals who are looking for options that will not interfere with a current place of work. As an outpatient program, it may or may not be the option that is best for personal goals and plans. Some individuals may find that it is not as structured as they need; however, it is a great option if an individual has specific obligations like a job or raising children that may prevent them from entering an inpatient program.

Payment & Treatment Options

In Alpha Counseling Services individuals are required to pay for the treatment personally. The program accepts checks, cash, credit cards and money orders. Some insurance providers may offer a reimbursement for the costs of treatment, but the details about coverage can vary between policies and options. Individuals should discuss their options with an insurance provider to determine the most appropriate solution to seek treatment and start working on recovery.

Alpha Counseling Services does offer treatments for several different substances and addictions. Individuals can obtain assistance for recovery with illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription medications. Depending on the situation, the approach to treatment that is provided can vary significantly between individuals and families. Generally, an individual can expect counseling services for groups, families and an individual, but the specific plan of action will vary.

There are a variety of solutions that can help with recovery and addiction treatment. The key is to recognize personal goals and needs so that it is possible to avoid drugs or alcohol in the future. In Zephyrhills, there is a treatment program that can help a loved one or an individual with the recovery process. is the best source for finding you treatment and getting you toward sobriety. Contact us today for help and information.