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Winter Haven Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Winter Haven is a relatively large urban area with almost 35,000 residents, according to City Data. While it might not be surprising that it has a higher crime rate than the national average, City Data shows that the crime rates have been reducing over the last ten years. In Florida, almost 9 percent of residents abuse drugs or alcohol, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Fortunately, Winter Haven residents have a treatment program available that can help with recovery and have a positive impact on the crimes that are associated with substance abuse.

The Program

Tri County Human Services Inc Winter Haven Outpatient is a treatment program in Winter Haven that offers a variety of treatment options. It provides a holistic residential program for individuals who may need a structured environment to reach their recovery goals and focus on their plans. It also offers out-patient treatments for individuals who may not be able to enter a treatment facility due to personal obligations. The out-patient program is also available to individuals who have completed the residential treatment and may need additional assistance to transition into a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

Payment Options

Tri County Human Services Inc Winter Haven Outpatient offers an income-based sliding scale. As a result, individuals can afford treatment if they have a low income level. Furthermore, the program accepts Medicaid and self-payment.

Special Services

As a treatment program that recognizes the potential challenges of addiction recovery, Tri County Human Services Inc Winter Haven Outpatient offers specialized services. It provides treatments for co-occurring disorders, adolescents and women's services. Furthermore, it offers faith-based treatments for individuals who can benefit from their faith and personal religious beliefs. The treatment options provide a safe environment for individuals who may need to focus on recovery without distractions.

There are a variety of solutions that can help with addiction recovery, but the best approach to long-term goals is to focus on long-term treatment solutions. Fortunately, Winter Haven residents have a treatment program that offers realistic solutions and options to help with recovery and focus on the long-term approach to a drug-free lifestyle. Getting into treatment can seem difficult, but with helping you with all of your questions and concerns, finding the best rehab for you will be a breeze. Contact us today and get started.