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West Palm Beach Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In a national survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration it was determined that almost 9 percent of Florida residents abuse drugs or alcohol every month. When it is a loved one who is abusing a substance, concerns about his or her health and safety may arise. Fortunately, West Palm Beach residents have several treatment programs and options available to assist with the recovery process and encourage loved ones to seek treatment for an addiction.

Rehab After Work

As the name suggests, Rehab After Work is an out-patient treatment program that assists with addiction recovery. It also provides appropriate treatments for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders, which can help when a loved one is exhibiting signs of a mental health disorder as well as an addiction to a substance. The treatment program is designed to address the needs of adults and adolescents and it offers a sliding scale to help with the costs of treatment. The program accepts most insurance providers and it has treatment options for Spanish speakers.

Center For Family Services Of Palm Beach County

Individuals who may have limited time available for treatment can benefit from the services at the Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County. The treatment program is an outpatient option that offers solutions for addiction recovery and dual-diagnosis. It can help when a loved one is abusing a substance and may have obligations that prevent him or her from entering a residential program. The facility offers an income-based sliding scale to determine the cost and accepts most insurance providers.

Drug Abuse Treatment Association Inc (DATA)/Walter D Kelly Treatment Center

When an out-patient program is not appropriate for the needs of an individual, the Drug Abuse Treatment Association Inc (DATA)/Walter D Kelly Treatment Center may help. The program offers a long-term holistic residential treatment plan that can last from 60 to 120 days. As a residential program, it offers a structured, safe and supportive environment to encourage an individual to avoid substance abuse.

There are a variety of problems that can arise when a loved one starts to abuse drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, West Palm Beach offers treatment programs that address most concerns and help with the recovery process. For help seeking treatment, contact Everyone is different and we can help get you into the program that suits your needs.