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Venice Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

When a loved one starts to abuse drugs or alcohol, it can raise concerns about his or her health and well-being. It can also cause problems within the family and among different relationships. In Florida, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that roughly 8.63 percent of residents abuse drugs or alcohol each month. The highest rate of abuse is among young adults, but it can start at any age. Fortunately, residents of Venice, Florida do have treatment programs available to assist with recovery.

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc.

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc is a treatment program that combines a holistic residential program with an out-patient program. As a result, individuals can obtain the treatment that they need based on the situation and their personal goals. The in-patient program can provide a structured and supportive environment that helps with the first steps of recovery. Individuals can also start the out-patient program when they complete the initial treatment or as an alternative if a residential program is not appropriate for personal obligations. The facility offers an income-based sliding scale to help with the costs of treatments and will accept Medicaid.

First Step Of Sarasota Inc. Outpatient Venice Office

First Step of Sarasota Inc Outpatient Venice Office is an out-patient program that offers treatment for addiction recovery. The facility works around the goals and needs of the individual, so a treatment plan can incorporate several forms of counseling and treatments for specific concerns. The facility offers an income-based sliding scale and accepts most forms of private insurance.

Home Detox Inc.

Home Detox Inc is an out-patient drug rehab program that offers detox services to assist with the first steps of recovery. The program provides appropriate treatments based on the goals and needs of the individual, but it also helps with detoxification before starting the treatment plan. The facility accepts self-payment for treatment.

There are a variety of concerns that may arise after abusing drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, residents of Venice also have treatment programs available that can help with the recovery process and provide the tools that are necessary to avoid drugs in the future. can connect you with the best treatment facilities around. Contact us today for information and assistance.