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Tarpon Springs Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In an urban environment that has more than 23,000 residents, it is not surprising that the crime rates are similar to the national averages. According to City Data, Tarpon Springs has a crime rate that is slightly lower than the national average, which suggests that the rate of substance abuse is similar to the state's average. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that almost 9 percent of Florida residents abuse drugs or alcohol. When a loved one has started to abuse a substance, it is important to identify the treatment options that are available.

Residential Treatment

Agency for Community Treatment Services Tarpon Springs Site is the treatment facility that offers solutions to help with recovery and personal goals. It is an in-patient program that recognizes the potential complications of mental health disorders and the variety of concerns that may arise during the treatment program.

As a short-term residential program, it provides the initial treatment and safety that an individual needs to focus on the first steps of recovery. It also provides after-care to help with the transition into a drug-free lifestyle and ensure that the risk of relapse is as limited as possible.

Payment And Treatment

At Agency for Community Treatment Services Tarpon Springs Site, individuals are responsible to pay for the treatment with cash, credit or a money order. The program requires self-payment to avoid complications with insurance providers. Some insurance providers or programs may reimburse individuals for the treatment, but the solutions can depend on the specific company and policy. Individuals should discuss their options with an insurance provider to determine the best solution for their goals. The treatment facility does provide treatments for most illicit substances, prescription medications and alcohol, so it is an appropriate option for most individuals.

There are a variety of concerns that may arise during the treatment process. Depending on the goals of the individual, the best solution and approach to recovery can vary significantly. In Tarpon Springs, there is a treatment facility that can provide the tools and information that an individual needs to focus on long-term recovery goals. For assistance in getting into a recovery program today, contact It is our mission to make sure you find the sober life you deserve.