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Stuart Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Substance abuse is a problem that impacts many residents in Florida. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, almost 9 percent of state residents abuse drugs or alcohol each month. The individuals who are abusing drugs, their family members, friends and co-workers are all impacted by the substance abuse that may occur. Even though there are concerns that may arise, Stuart residents have treatment programs that can help with the recovery process.

ADAP Counseling Services

Residents who may have limited time or may have obligations that prevent them from entering an in-patient program can benefit from the services that are available at ADAP Counseling Services. The program offers intensive out-patient treatment that can work around a personal schedule for work or family obligations. Since the program offers intensive treatments, it has specific requirements regarding the number of hours that an individual is treated each week, which can help the individual reach his or her long-term recovery goals. The program requires self-payment for the treatment plan.

New Horizons Of The Treasure Coast Inc.

For individuals who may have more complicated concerns related to addiction and recovery, New Horizons of the Treasure Coast Inc may be an appropriate solution. New Horizons of the Treasure Coast Inc is an in-patient treatment program that takes a holistic approach to recovery. It offers services for co-occurring disorders and has out-patient services to assist with the transition into a drug-free lifestyle and maintain recovery after the initial treatment. The program accepts most form of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Serenity Counseling Services

When time is limited or when an individual needs additional care after a residential program, Serenity Counseling Services can help. The program offers intensive out-patient treatments and solutions for co-occurring disorders, so it is an appropriate choice if a mental health disorder is complicating the treatment process. The program accepts most forms of insurance, including state-financed options and Medicaid.

Treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be complicated. There are several factors that may contribute to the situation and the best plan of action can vary significantly. Fortunately, residents of Stuart have several treatment options available to assist with recovery. delivers help to those who need it. For information or assistance in finding the best treatment for your recovery, contact us today.