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Shalimar Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In the state of Florida, there is a risk of substance abuse. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that almost 9 percent of residents abuse drugs or alcohol in any specific month. In Shalimar, there are only 758 residents, according to City Data. Furthermore, the crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, which suggests that there is a low rate of substance abuse. Even though the rates may be low, the area does have a treatment facility to help residents recover from substance abuse or to help visitors who are seeking a treatment option in an environment that differs from their home.

The Treatment Facility

Lakeview Center Inc Pathway/Shalimar is a treatment program that takes a long-term approach to recovery. It offers a holistic residential program to help individuals start recovery in a safe and supportive environment. When the initial treatment is completed, the program offers intensive out-patient care to assist with the transition into a healthy lifestyle and to continue providing appropriate treatment for long-term recovery goals. The out-patient treatments can be continued until the individual has a low risk of relapse or is confident that he or she no longer needs active treatment to avoid drugs or alcohol.

Payment Options

The payment options that are available at Lakeview Center Inc Pathway/Shalimar focus on personal finances. Even though it does offer self-payment, the program uses an income-based sliding scale to determine if treatment is affordable and help individuals obtain the treatment they need without worrying about the costs. The program also accepts Medicaid and most forms of private insurance, which can make the treatment plan more affordable for individuals who are trying to recover from substance abuse. It provides treatments for most addictions to prescription medications, illicit substances and alcohol.

A small town environment can be an interesting tool to help with the recovery process. Even though residents may have a low rate of substance abuse or crime when compared to the national averages, individuals who are trying to recover can benefit from the quiet and calm environment that is available in Shalimar. To get help in your search for the best facility, contact We are here to see you through your journey to sobriety.