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Sebring Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

When a loved one starts abuse drugs or alcohol, it can be a scary experience for the entire family. The individual may act out in ways that are surprising and they may not seem to care about the way their behavior is impacting their loved ones. Even though Sebring has a relatively small population of nearly 10,300 residents, according to City Data, it does have a crime rate that is slightly higher than the national average. Over the last ten years, the crime rate has fallen, which suggests that the rates of substance abuse and drug-related crime is also reducing. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that almost 9 percent of Florida residents abuse drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, there is a treatment program in Sebring that can help if a loved one is abusing a substance.

The Program

Social Solutions Inc is an intensive out-patient program that offers treatments for individuals who may be trying to stop abusing a substance and focus on long-term recovery goals. As an out-patient program, the treatment plan can work around the goals and needs of the individual. It can create a schedule that considers personal obligations to children, family and an employer, so it is not necessary to give up a job or take a leave of absence.

Payments And Treatments

The payment options that are available at Social Solutions Inc focus on self-payment. The treatment facility accepts cash, credit and money orders. Since it is a self-payment program, most insurance providers are not accepted. Individuals may be able to seek reimbursement from an insurance provider, but the details can vary and it is important to discuss the options with the provider before entering the treatment program. Social Solutions Inc treats addictions to most illicit substances, prescription medications and alcohol. It can help, even if a substance is causing violent or unpredictable behaviors.

There is a treatment program that can help when a loved one starts abusing drugs or alcohol in Sebring. Since it is an out-patient program, it is particularly useful when obligations prevent an individual from entering a residential program or when the goal is to maintain recovery after other treatments have been completed. There is always a helping hand at We are committed to getting you back on a healthy, drug-free path. Contact us today and start your life over.