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Rockledge Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

The abuse of drugs or alcohol, even if the substance is a prescription medication, can raise concerns for the entire family. In Florida, almost 9 percent of residents abuse a substance every month, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Since Rockledge, Florida has a population of more than 25,000 residents, according to City Data, it is not surprising that there may be some substance abuse in the city. Fortunately, the area has a lower than average crime rate, says City Data, which may suggest that the rate of substance abuse is lower than the state average. If a loved one does start abusing a substance, then there is a treatment program available to help with the recovery process.

The Treatment Program

The Family Counseling Center of Brevard Inc is a treatment program that takes a long-term approach to recovery. It offers a holistic in-patient treatment program and an out-patient program that can help with recovery from the first step to the transition into a healthy lifestyle.

During the treatment program, individuals can expect a variety of solutions that can help with recovery. Alternative medicine is available to help with physical pain or complaints that may contribute to the abuse of prescription medications. Furthermore, the program offers treatments for mental health disorders, which may also complicate the recovery process.

Payment For Treatment

Paying for treatment at Family Counseling Center of Brevard Inc depends on personal finances and the situation. The facility does accept most forms of insurance, including state-financed insurance, Medicaid and military insurance. Individuals can also pay for treatment personally with cash, credit or money orders. The best process of paying for treatment will depend on the situation and the type of policy that an individual has purchased.

There are several factors that can complicate addiction recovery and treatment. Depending on the situation, the best policy and plan can vary significantly. Fortunately, residents of Rockledge have a treatment facility that recognizes the complications and offers realistic solutions to help address concerns that may arise. It offers in-patient and out-patient treatments so that the best treatment plan can be developed for each individual. can help you as you search for treatment and move toward recovery. Please contact us today.