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Quincy Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

The development of an addiction can be complicated and the needs of an individual who is seeking treatment can depend on several factors. Depending on the situation, the best plan of action can vary significantly. In Florida, 8.63 percent of residents about drugs or alcohol each month, reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. When a loved one is abusing a substance in Quincy, Florida, there are treatment options that can help with the recovery process and provide the tools to reach realistic recovery goals.

DISC Village Inc. Gadsden Adult Outpatient

Individuals who need a structured and long-term approach to treatment and recovery can benefit from the services that are available at DISC Village Inc Gadsden Adult Outpatient. The program offers an in-patient treatment program that takes a holistic approach to recovery. It offers alternative medicine to address physical symptoms and pain that may contribute to the abuse of prescription medications. Furthermore, it offers treatment plans that address questions about personal faith and religious beliefs. The program provides out-patient treatments for individuals who may not need the structure of an in-patient treatment plan or who may not be able to enter the residential program. Furthermore, outpatient treatments can help with the transition into a healthy lifestyle after the initial treatment is completed. The facility accepts Medicaid and has a sliding scale to make it affordable.

Redeemed Inc.

If a residential program is not appropriate, then Redeemed Inc may offer a realistic solution to addiction. The facility offers an intensive out-patient program that treats addiction around a personal schedule. The facility treats addictions to most substances, including illicit drugs and prescription medications. It requires self-payment, but does have access to a recovery voucher to help with the costs of treatment.

Healing After Addiction

There are several factors that impact addiction and the development of physical dependence on a substance. Fortunately, Quincy residents also have treatment plans that can help with the recovery process. Since the best approach to recovery can vary, it is important to select a plan that is appropriate for the needs of each individual and can provide the information that is necessary to finalize a decision.