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Port Charlotte Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

When a loved one is showing signs of substance abuse, it may raise concerns about the process of recovery and the treatment options that are available. In Port Charlotte, there are treatment facilities that offer a variety of options to help with the recovery process. Since roughly 9 percent of residents in Florida abuse drugs, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, it is not surprising that there are treatment programs available to address the concerns of an individual or family in Port Charlotte.

Lighthouse Addiction Services

Individuals who may have specific obligations to an employer, family members or other organizations may discover that a residential program is not available for their concerns and goals. Fortunately, Lighthouse Addiction Services is an intensive out-patient facility that can address an addiction without taking up the entire day. It schedules treatments around personal obligations so that each individual is able to obtain his or her goals without giving up a place of employment. The facility accepts most insurance policies and self-payment. It also offers an income-based sliding scale to help with the costs of treatment.

Mission Unity Inc.

When a loved one needs more intensive treatment or structure to focus on his or her recovery, Mission Unity Inc can provide the appropriate environment. The facility offers long-term residential care for 30 to 120 days so that an individual is able to obtain the treatment and help that he or she needs. Depending on the goals and needs of the individual, the duration of treatment in a residential program will vary. After completing the treatment program, the facility also offers intensive out-patient care to assist with the transition into a drug-free lifestyle and to maintain personal recovery goals. The program accepts private insurance and self-payment for the treatment.

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to an addiction. That is why the best treatment program for any individual can depend on several factors. Fortunately, Port Charlotte residents have treatment programs available that can help with the recovery process and make it easier to reach personal goals. Help is just around the corner when you contact us at; we are committed to guide you through the process of finding a new, sober life.