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Plantation Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In a national survey, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration discovered that 8.63 percent of Florida residents abuse drugs or alcohol in any particular month. Among those who abuse drugs or alcohol, young adults have the highest rate of substance abuse and experimentation. When an individual has started to abuse drugs or alcohol, it is important to seek treatment and assistance with recovery. In Plantation, Florida, there are treatment options that can help with the recovery process and provide the tools that an individual needs to reach his or her recovery goals.

Fifth Street Counseling Center Inc. Outpatient

Fifth Street Counseling Center Inc Outpatient is a treatment program that offers solutions for co-occurring disorders and long-term recovery goals. It provides residential treatment to help with individuals who may have relapsed in the past. The structure of the residential program can help some individuals reach their personal goals. It also provides out-patient treatment, which can be part of a treatment plan after a residential program or can be used as an alternative to residential care if an individual cannot leave his or her obligations. The facility accepts most forms of private insurance to pay for treatment.

Starting Place Inc. Plantation

Starting Place Inc Plantation is a treatment facility that takes a holistic approach to recovery. It offers holistic residential care and treatment as well as out-patient care and treatment to help with the recovery process. The out-patient program can be appropriate for individuals who are transition from residential care or for those who are not able to enter residential care for any reason. The facility offers an income-based sliding scale and payment assistance to make treatment affordable. It also accepts most forms of insurance so that individuals are not personally paying for the full cost of treatment.

Recovering From Addiction

There are a variety of tools and options that can help with recovery. The key to identifying the right solution for personal goals or the needs of a loved one is to focus on the situation and the options that are available. can provide the tools and assistance to select a plan that is appropriate for personal goals and plans for recovery.