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Pinellas Park Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Within Pinellas County, Florida, a person dies every 32 hours from a drug overdose as there has been a reported 280 deaths since 2010. This is one person too many for the citizens of Pinellas Park as they are actively seeking to reduce these numbers. With help from lawmakers, rehabilitation centers and law enforcement, the citizens are developing initiatives and regulations to help people who are abusing prescription drugs and other substances. Below you will find several rehabilitation facilities that can get you on the path to wellness if you have a substance abuse addiction.

Taking It To The Street Ministries

Young men who are 18 and older sometimes find themselves adrift in their drug addiction as they are looking for treatment that can combine counseling, rehabilitation and faith-based services. Taking It To The Street Ministries is a men's recovery center specifically offering substance abuse programs, life skills therapy and homeless programs so men can build upon their determination to be free from their addictions. The center is a faith-based nonprofit giving their services for people in need no matter what religious affiliation, age or sexual preferences. With six-month programs, the counselors offer support to rebuild family relationships so they can not be torn apart again from substance abuse. Since many people may find themselves in a financial bind to seek out drug rehabilitation, Taking It To The Street Ministries offers financial assistance to people who qualify as patients take part in charitable work while seeking out regular employment.

Bay Area Treatment Center

Addictions can come in many forms, as many types of treatment should be available to the people living in the Pinellas Park area. The Bay Area Treatment Center is part of the Colonial Management Group, LP as they offer specialized programs for adults and young adults who have a dependency or addiction to different types of opioids including heroin and prescription medications. Chemical dependency treatments are given as individual sessions and as group meetings as patients learn to deal with their dependency, find social help, and address psychological issues. By reducing symptoms from opioid use and developing prevention strategies, patients can prevent themselves from relapsing. People soon learn to develop beneficial life skills and strengthen their family relationships as they are soon on the path to wellness.

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If you or your loved one is having trouble locating a facility in Pinellas Park or anywhere in the state of Florida, contact Our helpful counselors can give you the right information you need to select a facility in your area. Find the specialized programs that will get you on the path to wellness as you can live a life free of your drug addiction.