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Pensacola Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

With 328 facilities in the state of Florida geared toward giving comprehensive substance abuse treatment services and 232 facilities offering a mix of substance abuse treatment with mental health services, you will be able to find the facility that matches your addiction or dependency treatment. In Pensacola, there are several treatment facilities available as the following listed centers will treat adults, children and people who have co-occurring mental health issues.

Cordova Counseling Center

The Cordova Counseling Center in Pensacola provides substance abuse services to families, couples and individuals. They give comprehensive evaluation services to determine the type of treatment you need for your drug addiction. Then they provide outpatient programs and DUI counseling as the caring counselors address your particular dependency or addiction issues. Through group counseling, you may share your experiences, learn how to break away from the addiction, and gain support from other group members. If trying to locate a center that respects your faith, Cordova Counseling Center has faith-based substance abuse education, dependency outpatient treatment and addiction outpatient treatment.

Lakeview Center Inc. Drug & Alcohol Adolescent Residential Treatment (DAART)

When a child has problems with substance abuse, parents are left to wonder what type of treatment the child can receive that is right for their young age group. The Lakeview Center Inc DAART program is geared toward adolescents from 13 to 17 years of age. The center provides an outpatient treatment session as the child receives a support team aimed at getting them and their family the appropriate counseling. There is also a residential program that lasts for three to four months as the child undergoes proven treatment methods that will help them fight against their addiction or dependency. Since it is residential program, children will not miss out on their educational opportunities. The center has a accredited school on their premises so children can keep up with their schoolwork while getting treatment.

Lakeview Center Inc. Outpatient Counseling

You or a loved one do not have to suffer with their drug or alcohol dependency in Pensacola. The Lakeview Center Inc Outpatient Counseling center allows you to receive drug dependency and addiction services in a supportive environment. They offer intensive outpatient treatments for adults of all ages who seek to completely change their lives for the better. Both 20-hour group meetings and individual sessions are available as you can select day or night programs if you need a flexible schedule due to work or college classes. You may also receive mental health services if you have a co-occurring diagnosis of substance abuse addiction and mental health problems. Provides Pensacola Rehabilitation Facility Information

Today is the first step you or your loved one can take to stop the drug addiction. Contact the caring counselors available at We can help you find a Pensacola drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that can give you treatment and counseling services.