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Pembroke Pines Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In a city that has more than 160,000 residents, according to City Data, it can be surprising to discover that the crime rates are significantly lower than the national average. Pembroke Pines has a large population, but it also has a low crime rate. Even though the state average for substance abuse is roughly 9 percent, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the low crime rate in the area suggests that there is also a lower rate of drug-related crime and substance abuse. Even if a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, the area does have a treatment facility that can help with the recovery process.

The Treatment Program

The Susan B Anthony Recovery Center is a treatment program that takes a long-term approach to recovery and healing. It offers a long-term holistic residential program that is 60 to 120 days long. After completing the treatment program, the facility also offers aftercare services and sober living facilities so that individuals can slowly transition into a lifestyle that is less structured. That allows an individual to reach his or her recovery goals without worrying about the complications. The facility also offers out-patient treatment for individuals who may want to continue seeking professional help after leaving the program or for those who cannot enter a residential program.

Payment And Special Services

The Susan B Anthony Recovery Center accepts most forms of insurance and offers an income-based sliding scale to determine the cost of treatment. It also offers payment plans and financial assistance for individuals who may need additional help. The program offers specialized treatment for women who are pregnant, have recently given birth or who are mothers. It also offers dual diagnosis treatments and faith-based rehabilitation. There are beds available for the children of individuals who are seeking treatment and there are treatments for Spanish speakers.

Treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a long-term process. Fortunately, residents of Pembroke Pines have the tools and treatment options to obtain their recovery goals and focus on maintaining a drug-free lifestyle for life. Contact for help getting into treatment and beginning a new life.