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Panama City Beach Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In a city that has less than 12,000 residents, according to City Data, it can be surprising to discover that the crime rates are significantly higher than the national averages. In Panama City Beach, Florida, there is a higher risk of substance abuse when compared to the roughly 9 percent, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, that is the average throughout the state. A higher crime rate suggests that there is also a higher rate of drug-related crime. Fortunately, residents of the area do have a treatment program available to assist with the recovery process.

The Treatment Program

Beachcomber Retreat LLC DBA Bridging the Gap Recovery is a treatment facility that takes a long-term approach to recovery and treatment. The facility offers in-patient drug rehab that can provide assistance with the initial treatment for an addiction. After the treatment program is completed, the facility also offers aftercare services and intensive out-patient treatments to help individuals transition into a lifestyle that is less structured. If the individual needs additional structure and support, then the sober living facilities that are available through Beachcomber Retreat LLC DBA Bridging the Gap Recovery can also help.

Paying for Treatment

Beachcomber Retreat LLC DBA Bridging the Gap Recovery is a private or luxury drug rehab facility, so it requires self-payment to pay for treatment. Individuals should discuss reimbursement with an insurance provider or payment options before entering the treatment program to ensure that it is appropriate for a personal budget. The duration of treatment and the specific treatment plan can impact the costs of recovery and the treatment process. The program does treat most addictions and physical dependence of substances, so it can handle an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications or illicit drugs.

Treating Addiction

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to the success of an individual who is trying to recover from drugs or alcohol. By taking a long-term approach to the process and maintaining a high level of structure and scheduling, it is possible to reduce the risk of relapsing on a substance in the future. Select a program that is appropriate for personal goals or find out more information about a program by contacting