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Miami Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

When people think of relaxation, they think of Miami. Between its glittering coastline, rich beaches, unparalleled beauty, vivacious culture, and unending celebration, it's a modern mecca of merriment.

Thanks to these features, it is an absolutely ideal place to embark on substance abuse recovery. There's no better or more comfortable place to go.

Drug Abuse Statistics For Miami

According to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately 12.5 percent of people ages 12 and older in the Miami metropolitan area have used illicit drugs. Additionally, 7.8 percent of the population specifically has some form of substance abuse disorder.

If drug abuse affects you or someone you know, please check out Miami's many drug recovery resources, including those listed in this piece.

Agape Family Ministries

The word "agape," which means "unconditional love" in Greek, is the word that guides this rehabilitation center. They are a non-sectarian, faith-based center, which means spirituality motivates the center but it does not exclude anyone.

Agape Family Ministries offer provides many services for its clients, including outpatient services, residential treatment, equine therapy, art programs, a "Mommy & Me" parent-child bonding program. A compassionate staff and one-of-a-kind programs are what makes this center so popular and effective.

Better Way Of Miami, Inc.

The professionals over at Better Way of Miami don't just address substance abuse, they address full body and mind wellness.

The center's programs work harmoniously to keep their clients sober, responsible, and self-sufficient. Outpatient, overnight, and residential services are all available, as well as numerous educational, vocational, and social classes and events.

Fellowship House

It's common for substance abuse and other mental illnesses to intersect; the Fellowship House is a great place to begin handling both. With an emphasis on community and psychosocial betterment, the Fellowship House promises a truly holistic healing experience.

Regis House

For over thirty years, the Regis House has served the Miami metropolitan area as a safe haven for those handling substance abuse. They're specifically well-equipped to handle family counseling, and boast many programs tailored to repairing relationships and familial bonds.

In Conclusion

For all of your drug rehabilitation needs, check out the rest of what has to offer. From helpful blog posts to near infinite rehab listings, DrugRehab has the information you need to move forward.